“Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.”

– Samuel Johnson

It is September, and according to a small disclaimer at the end of my last post, “CHF [would] continue its online presence via the website until September 2018.” This month was to mark the end of a vision. The farewell to a dream.

How wonderful is it that vision is independent of the fickle mind of the human being? Once given breath and shared with the world to experience, it takes on a life of its own. Like a child, its character evolves through the elements of its culture and influences the world around it to birth extensions of its foundation. That is exactly what has happened with CHF.

On the day that I posted Art in Saying Goodbye, I received a loving text from a close friend and one of the first to join our blogging staff. That text was followed by an even more loving conversation that changed the trajectory of CHF’s future forever. Never in my wildest dreams did I, (1) believe that I would spearhead the creation of a brand, blog, or business; or (2) let it go. The most unexpected was that in the process, its future was being crafted in the mind and heart of someone else.

“[Vision] evolves through the elements of its culture and influences the world around it to birth extensions of its foundation.”

As of September 1, 2018, Cold Hard Fash was acquired by Kalan and Kira Laws of Status K. Many of our readers would be familiar with this dynamic couple through their contributions to our blog and magazine. Most recently, I featured them in The COLLECTIV highlighting their entrepreneurial success. You may know Kalan as the ‘Man of Brands,’ Senor Guapo. He is a burgeoning designer, and hands down a trusted Influencer and Social Architect. And Kira, she commands her fairshare of space in the creative zone as a culture savant and a masterful, cosmopolitan business engineer as well as a Cold Hard Fashionista. Beyond bloggers, Kalan and Kira are family and has been a part of the village that has raised this brand from infancy into “early adulthood”.

Once I fully let go and received confirmation from a Higher Power, the transition of leadership was effortless. I know that with their expertise and passion for our audience, Cold Hard Fash will become a powerhouse in the arts and fashion industries. It is my honor and privilege to entrust them with the future of CHF. Check out my full interview with them here.


If you’re thinking that this is some type of farewell from me, think again. Kalan and Kira has graciously asked me to stay on as the curator and facilitator of The COLLECTIV. In addition, I will be serving as the brand’s chair and ambassador through the first couple of years of its transition. So, yes, I’m still here.

The beauty of this transition, is that I am also afforded the time and opportunity to explore a new world of entrepreneurship. I will be furthering my work in building the platform for another niche of entrepreneurs that are near and dear to my heart. Through CHF I’ve been prepared for serving the needs of fellow entrepreneurs and sharing the lessons this journey continues to teach me about life-balance, growth, and confidence.

Thank you all for your continued support of CHF and join me in celebrating its bright future!

Until next time…

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

Founder & Chairwoman of Cold Hard Fash