If you’re brave enough to say “goodbye”, life will reward you with a new “hello”.

-Paulo Coelho

When you’ve poured so much into a project or design…what words could possibly be best to say goodbye to it all? If you are an entrepreneur, saying goodbye is a common practice – but never an easy one. Knowing when to let go is something that only you can gauge and execute.

I’ve struggled with the thought of letting CHF go indefinitely for a few years now. Much of why I kept it going was because of the positive feedback I received from readers and my peers about the design of the logo or the catchy name. Although I am proud of both of these elements of the brand, I recognize that it takes more than visual details that makes a brand. The passion that is necessary to evolve a brand to its fullest potential is no longer present. Finding the reserve to be “OK” with that has taken me a while, but I am a believer that everything has its time.

I am so grateful for the lessons learned and the relationships that have been cultivated through the existence of CHF. Having the desire and ability to provide a platform where other creative entrepreneurs could be honored has been my greatest accomplishment within this journey. Most of what I needed to know about dreaming out loud has  started, been tested, and researched here. Now, it is time to say goodbye. 

Like many of you, I am a person of many aspirations. Prior to the start of CHF in 2013, I was working on my dream of launching a business in another arena related to fashion. My soul has determined that it is time to see that dream through. Saying goodbye to all of you is the hardest part, but I am looking forward to this new “hello”. 

Until we meet again…

With Love + Style (Always),

Crystal Lariece

CHF will continue its online presence via the website until September 2018. Although new content will not be published to the website, access to all of the existing content will be available for your reading pleasure.

As of May 6, 2018, all social media accounts related to CHF will cease activity and be permanently removed.

If you have any specific questions regarding the future of CHF please feel free to contact Crystal at

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Reimagine | Fashion Meets Design

In 2015, CHF featured a segment entitled, CHF Life which included regular features of interior design. Our resident interior design contributor was, Jacquin Headen of Interiors by Jacquin. One of the regular series that she features on her site, and introduced to our readers, is Fashion Meets Interiors (formerly Fashion Meets Design). For each post, she chooses one of her favorite home designs and partners with a style blogger/influencer to put their spin on it through fashion.

I have chosen to remix my second contribution to the Fashion Meets Design series. As the Spring kicks off, I thought that the aesthetics of this decor would be perfect for highlighting some of my favorite trends of the season.


The lines and patterns, in the room decor, immediately brought to mind the addictive trend of plaid that dominated the Spring 2018 runways. Prabal Gurung and Fendi both featured looks that highlighted the fun and fierceness of mixing plaid patterns and pops of color.

Prabal Gurung | Spring 2018 RTW, Image via

I saw this Prabal Gurung frock and thought, “That would look great in pants!”

plaid and pattern
What I love about plaid is the ability to mix and match it with striped patterns. In this look, the different weights in the vertical patterns of the handbag, tassel earrings, and tassel adornment on the mule pulls the look together flawlessly. Develop the look further with accessories, such as the rose brooch that compliments the ruffled sleeve of the top. Click look for deets!

I am a mother in my mid-30s with a toddler boy, comfort is KEY…but it does not mean I have to skip sexy. Pairing a lightweight slack with a cropped blouse can take a look go from day to night instantly. An outing can be cut short with an uncomfortable heel. So, why not choose a chic flat to make the fun last longer!

Why stop there? The elements of the room design also led me to the Spring 2018 collection of one of my personal fave women’s designers, Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet.


Who says business can’t have a fun elelment? A+O has a unique and effortless way of bring nature’s beauty into it’s collections season after season. And I just can’t get enough. | Image via

CHF is a brand about authenticity. We play by our own rules and applaud those who are unafraid to do the same. Naturally, I had to put my spin on this look for you as well. The colors used throughout this ensemble are reminiscent of the colors mixed throughout the room decor.


a+o inspired
It shouldn’t make sense to the majority when it’s authentically you! The high-waist of the A+O skirt meets the hem of the sheer emerald blouse, keeping the look classy. Don’t ruin the fun of a sheer top with a basic cami. Add a lace bralette or bodysuit to compliment the blouse. Click look for deets!

How would you build a look from a room inspiration? Have some ideas? Drop them in the comments below!

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

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“In partnership, the result is harmony, respect, love, and an explosion of creativity and joy.”

-Marc Allen

Some couples just have it. From the moment you meet The Laws, it’s unmistakable that their love  and partnership is one that was masterly shaped before their first ‘Hello’. My first acquaintance was with Kalan in 2013 when he joined on as our men’s style blogger. Soon after, Kira joined our conversations about life and style as a lifestyle blogging contributor. Both were important creative voices in the development of the first issue of CHF Magazine. 

Over the last five years, I’ve watched them grow as a family (expecting their second child this month) and taking their collaborative magic to the next level with the launch of Status K — which happens to be the subject of our recent interview. So, without further ado, welcome Kalan and Kira Laws, Founders of Status K to The COLLECTIV.

In the time that I’ve known you, I can honestly say that I’ve never met a couple more supportive and in sync with one another’s creative aspirations. For those who are new to CHF, please share your story.

We are 10 years in the making and have been building for us since day 1. We met briefly in 2007, started dating and were engaged in 2008. We married shortly thereafter. Our relationship has been a whirlwind. Honestly, we wish we could have captured all the earlier moments more; but we jumped right into our roles of riding for each other and making one another our very first projects, especially as it related to completing goals. We sacrificed a lot earlier on to be who we are today and even, where we are today as a couple… and, it has been worth every bit of it. We believe our oneness is what has opened doors and drawn a lot of people to us.

How did the concept of Status K come about? What is your vision for the brand?

We have been working with different companies and projects for years together, and people kept asking us when we would launch our thing. For us, we already were doing it, so we initially did not act. However, for anything to live and last, you must give it a name. So, with that thought, Status K was born.

The vision is for it to continue to evolve — we started off ghostwriting paths for others and now we are producing and directing major projects for ‘all’-scale endeavors. Though we have amassed a catalog of projects, we are currently our biggest project with so many things going on from the development of commercial content to staying authentic and relevant.

Our focus for what we each take on and how it contributes to the overall vision is a huge undertaking…so we are taking steps to moving the brand, marketing it in different outlets, and of course, staffing because we are working a lot of angles.

What cornerstones of your marriage can be found in the philosophy of Status K?

Effective communication – everything we do as a firm has to do with ensuring that the creatives we work with are communicating to their audiences effectively – whether that is in style or word. That’s something that we are always working on – even personally. For us, it’s important that our words/message is clear and not blurred.

“Working together helps you master the art of communication as well as help you identify each other’s strengths, and not only maximize them but continue to build upon them and use them as points of edification for growth.”

It is said that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Status K seeks to disprove this theory. Were there any apprehensions in going into this venture together? If so, how did you work through them?

No apprehensions whatsoever. What we have learned is that we bring the best out of one another and when we work together, there is nothing we can’t do. We are literally a force!

What is some advice that you would give to other entrepreneur couples that may be sitting on a joint concept in fear of jeopardizing their relationship?

Learn to leverage one another and appreciate the differences that make each person unique and valuable. Many times, business and relationship do not mix because the idea is that we both must go about things the same way — Not true! Working together helps you master the art of communication as well as help you identify each other’s strengths, and not only maximize them but continue to build upon them and use them as points of edification for growth. Of course, there may be challenges as it relates to how each person wants to go about a venture, but we believe that is just an opportunity for planning and strategy. That’s our Status K way!

Kira Lawsborn in the ‘Big Apple,’ but raised in ‘H-town’ is a lawyer by training, but a creative at her core. Departing from expectations, Kira took a hiatus from the traditional practice of law to seek out a niche that was specifically designed for her. With her gift of ingenuity, and her desire to build a legacy, Kira began business consulting, curating inspired events, and creating innovative digital content. This birthed and gave life to her epithet and brand The Modern Day Cindi. In addition to being a wife and mother of two, she is a professor of business; a partner in Status K, a conglomerate founded with her husband which focuses on Arts, Entertainment, Media and Urban Development; as well as a co-host on Society Now on The Sphere Podcast Network. Kalan Laws also known as Señor Guapo, is the Polysci Fashion Guy. He is an aspiring designer, burgeoning stylist, and manages his own men’s style and fashion blog. He is setting both coasts on fire as a noted lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the foremost developmental minds of our generation. Kalan brings his unique fashion sense, world-class style savvy, and educational prowess to The Sphere Podcast Network, with “G is for Gentlemen” a show that highlights gentlemanly culture, as well as “Society Now” aimed to inspire dialogue about critical events that are happening locally as internationally, which he co-hosts with his wife also hosted on The Sphere Podcast Network. Staying busy, there is not too much that Señor Guapo cannot do!

Together they are…

Follow Status K (@StatusK__) on Instagram

Keep up with Kira on Instagram (@themoderndaycindi) and Twitter (@TheMDCOfficial)

Keep up with Kalan on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (@senorguapo713) and

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The Magazine


Photography / George C. Mitchell, Jr.  Makeup / Natalie Nicole Johnson

Styling / Rasheed Crawford  Graphic Design / Clifford L. Johnson

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Photography / George C. Mitchell, Jr.  Makeup / Natalie Nicole Johnson

Styling / Crystal Lariece + Rasheed Crawford  Graphic Design / Kristina M. Wright

Models / Shariane Onwurah + Nik Soukavong