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Editor's Letter | Summer 2017

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve already know we did not¬†come to play.

Cold Hard Fash Magazine has returned bright, shiny and new for the Summer 2017 Issue. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already gotten to know our cover feature, Artist, Fahamu Pecou and perused our Style Editorial featuring yours truly. I hope that you love what we’ve done with the place. ūüôā

To give you a little background on this issue, you’re currently experiencing our Summer’s theme of¬†A Creative’s Renaissance. Throughout the summer, ColdHardFash.com and within this issue of CHF Magazine, we are exploring the new age of Creatives.¬†Highlighting the lives, styles, and professions of creative millennials and those who inspire them.

And, if you haven’t noticed, we’re doing it all while going through a rebirth of our own.

So, kick back and prepare yourself. We’re only just getting started!

With Love + Style,







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THE COLLECTIV | fitCapture: Where Style Meets Technology

It is a pleasure to be introducing all of you to an amazing young man that has recently launched a style app that is sure to change the game! Our Art & Style blogger, Jennifer Pearson caught up with the founder of fit Capture to give you all a firsthand look at this new way to make your personal style more social!

When technology merges with fashion, the possibilities are endless.

We inspire style, build and create wardrobes and stay up to date on current trends. Fortunately, there is an app that can provide all of those things. The fashion app fit Capture, founded by Christopher A. Devalle, brings trendsetters to life tracking real-time fashion trends locally and globally. Chris hails from Hope Mills, North Carolina but resides in Greensboro taking fashion to the next level. As far as this tech entrepreneur is concerned, this is only the beginning.


I had the pleasure of engaging in an interview with Chris through Skype (thank goodness for technology). We discussed everything from his personal style to his personal goals. Chris took me through the app and as I explored the features I was pleased to see how style was represented. Not only does his app, fit Capture, inspire to curate style, but his story motivates you to invest in yourself and believe in your craft.


JP: How would you describe your personal style and did this influence fit Capture? How did you know this is what you were meant to do?

CD: My personal style has definitely changed. I remember I used to wear Jordans and I finally got out of that phase. Now, I find myself attracted to more professional, grown and sexy looks. I prefer to keep things clean and casual with hard bottom shoes and button-ups. We are always trying to figure out what our true style is and we where we fit in. I wondered ‚ÄúHow do I help people find their style?‚ÄĚ In reality, you have to make it work for you because we can‚Äôt be like Kim Kardashian. For example, Future released a line featuring hats and that trended so quickly, but also died out in a sense. People follow trends that die out and forget to make their style work for them. I remember waking up one morning and fit Capture was the answer to my question. It has been off and on and started from an apartment in Greensboro. I wanted to build on an idea and make it a story. I remember being in class and every time I thought of a cool new idea I would write it down even if it came to me in the middle of a test!

Christopher A. Devalle, Founder of fit Capture | Image Credit: Mychal Bobbit; InTheWave
Christopher A. Devalle, Founder of fit Capture | Image Credit: Mychal Bobbit; InTheWave

JP: Many of us have a few celebrities whose style we can admire, but sometimes our support system is our biggest motivation. Who inspires your style and who inspires you the most?

CD:¬†My mom is my biggest supporter. She used to call me the ‚Äúmillionaire child‚ÄĚ growing up. The Abraham Lincoln quote, ‚ÄúAll I am today I owe to my mother,‚ÄĚ comes to mind. She kept me out of trouble and I can say she inspired my enthusiasm for style. She‚Äôs always up to date on the latest trends and always has been. Out of her massive closet she could always put something together. In terms of celebrities, D. Wade has some pretty cool style. He keeps it clean, but is always willing to take risks with his style. I definitely look up to that.

JP: Building an empire is an uphill battle that can take a lot out of you. What are some of the challenges you have faced throughout your journey in building fit Capture?

CD: I have an enthusiasm to learn and challenges I faced were raising money and building connections. It is not easy building connections on an app. Meeting investors and telling them that I had a great idea was not enough. They needed business plans, number of users and a lot of information that came with growth. I made sure I learned from my mistakes to make fit Capture develop. I have always been led by God and I believe in mindsight not eyesight. Of course when you are building something you will make mistakes, but how do you rebound from them?


JP: What advice would you give to those who are struggling in the process of building their dreams?

CD: I think taking a leap of faith is important and I have done that within creating the app. Someday I want to be able to work for myself and take that giant leap of faith. Working for someone else you can make a living, but working for yourself could make you a fortune. I have found that once you limit yourself you never know what you are saying “no” to. It is important to meet and understand the things and people around you which inspires your creative process. Have a conversation with people and learn their thought process because that interaction can change the entire dynamic of something. Another outlet I have that helps in my creative process is listening to music. Music helps me express myself and gets the juices flowing when I work. It could range from techno to zen meditation, but they help me get in the creative space I need to be in.


I think Chris and the future of fit Capture are very bright. When asked if he would consider becoming a motivational speaker he was not opposed to the idea.

You can learn more about fit capture by heading to the website fitcapture.com or following them on Instagram and Twitter.

Also, if you are located within the Greensboro area next month be sure to check out the premier fashion show, fit Capture presents: A Night of Opulence hosting local musical talent, designers and fashion enthusiasts. It will also be your chance to engage with this innovative app.

Fit Capture Event

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event  or would like more information contact christopher.devalle@fitcapture.com.


By the release of this interview, fit Capture officially launched for iPhone users. If you are reading this interview from your phone, click here to join the fit Capture community TODAY!


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