The second quarter of 2018 is underway and if you’re anything like us…you are in the mess of it. Understand, I am not referring to a mess in a negative way. In the first quarter, we tend to place our focus on tearing down a lot of pre-existing habits and infrastructure to dissect where we can do better. It is our goal of course to level up continuously.

So, here we are: nearing the end of April with our “sleeves rolled up”, standing in rubble, excitedly piecing together some of the old with the new. Like anything worth holding on to this takes time. Unlike previous years, I’ve actually scheduled a pause in the end of each quarter. Nothing too long…2-3 weeks at the most. In this time, myself and the CHF team focus on our next step — the next big thing for us. I will not go into detail of what we are doing, but we’re pushing limits, diving into deeper topics, and building a platform where serving our audience is priority.

In the meantime, be sure to catch up on our past series, follow our Instagram (this is where our mini-blog content will be posted in the interim), sign up for our newsletter (how else will you know when something new is poppin’ off) and share with us some of the things that you wish to see in the near future from CHF (feel free to drop those in the comments below).

[H]ere we are: nearing the end of April with our “sleeves rolled up”, standing in rubble, excitedly piecing together some of the old with the new.

We thank you for your continued support and will see you again very soon!

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

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Celebrating Creative Entrepreneurship

Since launching in 2013, CHF has remained true to its mission in celebrating exceptional talent in the style and art industries.

The COLLECTIV recognizes those who create with passion and not for popularity. Honorees represent a rare breed in today’s ever changing and rarely authentic creative fields. Our list of honorees include photographers, fashion designers, and musicians, to name a few. Sharing their stories have inspired other Creatives to fearlessly pursue dreams that are often believed to be impossible.

 Now accepting 2018 nominations to join this highly influential roster of Creatives.

CHF seeks to highlight women, men, and collaboratives who have personal brands or businesses in the following areas:

Fashion Design (women, menswear, and accessories)


Makeup Artistry

Style Bloggers + Influencers

Visual + Performance Art


2018 Nomination Form

Nominating yourself or another creative entrepreneur for a feature in our 2018 roster is just a few minutes away.


 Final selection of honorees are chosen by Editor-in-Chief, Crystal Lariece. If selected, the nominee will be contacted by Crystal to discuss next steps in the process.

Honorees receive a featured interview on, spotlight posts on all CHF social media accounts, and may be selected as a future cover feature of CHF Magazine.