4 Cool Styles for a Hot Summer


It’s summer…and it’s hot! It’s so hot that I INSTANTLY get an attitude when I open the front door. It’s so hot that I utterly loathe touching my seat belt when I get in the car. Don’t get me started on the infamous “day party”…sigh!

So as style influencers and dapper individuals, how can we remain sartorial savants? What are some items and tips to remain cool and hot at the same time?
Fashion Tanks
#1 | Fashion Tanks

These should be a staple in your summertime wardrobe…and it should be obvious as to why! Tanks can be paired with shorts, jeans, joggers, cargo pants…any bottoms except slacks. They can also be layered with button down shirts and even sport coats for a more conservative and dapper look. What’s perhaps the most exciting part about fashion tanks is the price. You can find dozens of fashion tanks for under $20.00 at places such at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, The Gap and H&M!

Canvas Shoes#2 | Canvas Shoes

Shoes make an outfit. Shoes can take the simplest ensembles and go from second rate to superb…and back. That’s how much power they wield. The problem with shoes is that they can be hot- literally! While leather is the best option for the sturdiest of foot wear, it’s also the best option for the sweatiest of feet.  My solution is canvas!! May I suggest as a go-to for canvas shoes: the infamous Chuck Taylor, pair them with shorts, pants or chinos. They’re always a good look! Other favorites of mine are: Tom’s and Vans.

Distressed Denim Distressed Shorts

#3 | Distressed Denim/Shorts

Distressed denim has made a trendy comeback. As a staple in the 90s and a favorite of rock and alternative bands, they now have made their entrance into high fashion and popular culture. Don’t be put off by the pricey options and brands that are out now. You can take your favorite pair of well fitting Levi’s and distress them yourself using sandpaper, scissors, and razor blades. As for distressed shorts, you can cut your favorite pair of denim or purchase them at store such as Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. Side note: The holes in the denim provide much needed ventilation for a 2pm arrival at a day party!

Light Accessories

#4 | Light Accessories

As with shoes, leather watch bands aren’t the most comfortable of options. Use nautical watches with canvas watch bands. They are usual as colorful and bright as the summer sunrise and can be found quite affordably. Also, beaded bracelets are a better options than leather ones.

Señores, use these options to remain classy, comfortable, and cool!

“Remember, style leaves an impression, but fashion leaves a legacy.”  Stay fly my friends!


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