If you’re brave enough to say “goodbye”, life will reward you with a new “hello”.

-Paulo Coelho

When you’ve poured so much into a project or design…what words could possibly be best to say goodbye to it all? If you are an entrepreneur, saying goodbye is a common practice – but never an easy one. Knowing when to let go is something that only you can gauge and execute.

I’ve struggled with the thought of letting CHF go indefinitely for a few years now. Much of why I kept it going was because of the positive feedback I received from readers and my peers about the design of the logo or the catchy name. Although I am proud of both of these elements of the brand, I recognize that it takes more than visual details that makes a brand. The passion that is necessary to evolve a brand to its fullest potential is no longer present. Finding the reserve to be “OK” with that has taken me a while, but I am a believer that everything has its time.

I am so grateful for the lessons learned and the relationships that have been cultivated through the existence of CHF. Having the desire and ability to provide a platform where other creative entrepreneurs could be honored has been my greatest accomplishment within this journey. Most of what I needed to know about dreaming out loud has  started, been tested, and researched here. Now, it is time to say goodbye. 

Like many of you, I am a person of many aspirations. Prior to the start of CHF in 2013, I was working on my dream of launching a business in another arena related to fashion. My soul has determined that it is time to see that dream through. Saying goodbye to all of you is the hardest part, but I am looking forward to this new “hello”. 

Until we meet again…

With Love + Style (Always),

Crystal Lariece

CHF will continue its online presence via the website until September 2018. Although new content will not be published to the website, access to all of the existing content will be available for your reading pleasure.

As of May 6, 2018, all social media accounts related to CHF will cease activity and be permanently removed.

If you have any specific questions regarding the future of CHF please feel free to contact Crystal at