“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

Herman Melville

We all have ideas, right? The palm-sized conveniences that we worship daily are a tangible representation of one person’s idea. Taking a concept from thought to a product or business that shapes and inspires the world around you takes guts. It takes confidence, perseverance, and unusual character. Yet, today’s market of small businesses too often lack originality. How many of the brands that you follow are so similar in design, marketing, and even product selection that you can’t tell them apart? The numbers are staggering. You honestly cannot determine where the idea originated.

It is and has always been my vision for CHF to kill the noise of the duplicated madness and to inspire the next generation of unusual creatives and their businesses. What do I mean by unusual? The word unusual in this context is defined as remarkable or interesting because it is different from or better than others. It’s been an ambitious feat for me to want to, not only create a brand of unusual character, but to also inspire others to do the same. In fact, we’ve even slipped into the trappings of monotony and similarities. Well, thank God for lessons learned and redemption.


Over the course of the next 4 weeks, we will be embarking on a series that focuses on guiding and inspiring you to build your creative idea into a business of unusual character. Within the series, you will gain legal knowledge on protecting your brand the right way, learn the stories of entrepreneurs who are prime examples of unusual character, and so much more.

As always, on behalf of the entire CHF team, Thank You for continuing to rock with us. I hope that through this series you can execute your vision in a remarkable way!

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

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Photography | Malik Akins of Haiasi Creations, Atlanta, GA
Styling | Rasheed Crawford

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