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“With Love + Style” began as my way of signing off on the blog posts that I penned on style and fashion trends. Overtime, it evolved into what is now a series of personal inspiration posts in which I am able to be my most authentic self. This post originally debuted on the blog on June 13, 2017. 

What birthed this brand in 2013, is now the day-to-day tempo of a full-time mother who birthed her first child nearly one year ago.


It is my mantra as I re-emerge in my purpose in style and art media.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

Photography | Clifford L. Johnson  Makeup | Nigaa Nikhol Henderson Styling | Rasheed Crawford

In November of 2015, I made a decision to step away from Cold Hard Fash and focus on the forthcoming arrival of my son, Kevin. At the time I was less than 3 months into my pregnancy and overly stressed with the managing of the blog. I’d simply become disenchanted. In my eyes, it had become everything my business partner and I vowed it would never be. Our vision to highlight style and art in an authentic way transformed into an obsession of our social media content. An issue that is much too familiar for today’s entrepreneurs. As such, I found myself penning, accepting, and publishing blog content that did not differ much from what was already out there. It resulted in no notable engagement on social media and we only drifted further from the heart of our existence: the blog.

As a leader I allowed this ship to drift off course. A realization that I not only had to accept, but also forgive myself for.


There is something magical that happens when your ‘Mommy’ switch is turned on. I’m not sure if it’s the superhuman-like strength exerted during birth or the ultimate test of patience and contentment you find within the months leading up to it. Whether one or a combination of it all, I am a greater entrepreneur for it.

Since transitioning into a “Mompreneur”, my drive is unparalleled. This drive powered me to take on the challenge of redesigning the website myself, planning and executing some of our most artistically infused content for the blog and CHF Magazine, and bravely deciding what and who were necessary for this new chapter of the brand.

August 2016, post baby ‘style-n-shoot’ with Clifford L. Johnson shot 2 months after Kevin’s arrival. It was at this moment when I felt myself awaken again creatively.

Full Circle.

Today, I have a clearer sense of where Cold Hard Fash lives in this digital world and can acknowledge that I have more freedom, than I once believed, to do things exactly how I choose. I’ve arrived right back where we started.

Ambitious and confident in the brand’s successes, as well as its missteps.

That’s what being Mommy has given me. Seeing the fearless, carefree spirit of my baby boy (and he is ALL BOY lol) is a constant reminder that that which is most fulfilling is the freedom to fly. To dream bigger than what I see in the moment and test every limit that my mind or others may put on me. That is the charge that I want to leave with you today. Cold Hard Fash is a reflection of me and our team.

We are risk-takers. We are BOLD. We live, create, and love on our terms only.

Whether you are a mother, father or neither I encourage you to do the same. Find the thing, the person, the place that pushes you to a new level of strength and vision to get what has already filled your heart.

And if your closest friends and family never get it, FINE. Believe me, there is an army of Creatives who have your back.

I can guarantee that you’ll find some of the best, right here, at Cold Hard Fash.

Thank you for checking in. Until next time…

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece


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