Before you take another step…hang your shirt back up, cut the light off, and back away from the closet. Be careful, don’t trip on the cord from the iron or knock over your steamer. Gents, I need you to pay close attention. It’s been brought to me, by colleagues, friends, and the like, that there […]

The Men of Marsala

Gents, I’m not usually a fan of rules and norms but in the case of seasonal colors, I try to adhere. So in the fashion world there are two seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each season the powers that be (not really sure who these celestial style savants are) pick a set of colors that make […]

Nifty Knapsacks

Gents, A well rounded Fashioneur™ makes sure that every piece of his wardrobe is handled with care. He is undoubtedly meticulous with his garments. Such gents pay close attention to the washing instructions; they have memorized the settings for the iron; and, have great relationships with their neighborhood dry cleaner. After all, we as Fashioneurs™ […]

Laws of Gentleman Style: Connect the Dots

A collection of perfectly placed polkas… Gents! I hope that the fall has been treating you well! As you know, this is my favorite time of year for fashion. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…I LOVE THE FALL! I will always remain true to the classics. Earth tones (shades of […]

Laws of Gentleman Style: 4 Tricks To Wearing A Necklace

Gents! Jewelry receives a mixed reception in men’s fashion. Ensuring the masculinity of men remains intact has always been a priority in gentlemen’s style. History has shown us that some of the most “masculine” gents have worn jewelry. For example, on the walls of Persepolis are imprinted images of earring bearing soldiers from the Persian […]