Overcoming the Great Divide

Conquering the Hurdles in Gender Communication – Kira Laws Communication has always been a place of indifference and fluctuating misunderstanding. For some, it may feel like crossing turbulent waters attempting to get to a place of peace. The desire to be heard by some and understood by others has inadvertently created strain on relationships, especially between […]

From the Desk of The Modern Day Cindi | Taking a PTO: The Adult Personal Time Out

Have you ever been at that place in your life when you needed to call a time out? Time out from: The job? Work? People? Commitments? Obligations? Yourself? It just got to a point that whatever was going on was going to need more than a 2 day weekend or a few hours in a spa to recover […]

From the Desk of the Modern Day Cindi…5 Tips to Weatherproofing Your Spring Date: Day or Night

This one is for the Ladies… Spring has sprung, and for many it is a time of cultivating love, renewing old relationships, and seeking out new ones. Spring is a time of excitement including graduation, new flora and fauna, sweet scents, and fresh faces (and I’m not talking about your face). Nevertheless, Spring is all […]

From the Desk of the Modern Day Cindi…Spring Bracket-ology Reloaded: The Color Canvas Edition

April is here and it is officially Spring! I think by far, spring and fall hold the number one spot in my heart for best seasons of all. It is no question that both of these seasons allow us to play up our clothes a lot more then the frigid winter or the all too […]

Spring Wardrobe Prep: The “March Madness” Edition

The month of March is here and is not just about green things and leprechauns. March beckons big basketball and change. As a wink to spring and a hand wave goodbye to winter, March provides new perspectives, new possibilities, a new outlook of what could be personally and professionally, and with all hopes, an anticipated […]