Candid Creatives

Artist Interview Series with Jennifer Pearson There is something special about meeting creatives and drawing upon their perspectives of life and passion. Regardless of what your talent may be, there is a sense of interconnectedness that ultimately allows us to cross paths and exchange stories. I wanted to candidly speak with a creative and my […]

An Ode to Pinterest

I have a confession to make. Before I explain what it is, understand that I am not the only one who has this problem (more so a gift)! I think a lot of people suffer from scrolling through Pinterest for an extended period of time and gaining inspiration for certain things. For me, I can […]

Some Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Transition

No matter where you are the sun happens to be playing mind games with you. Sometimes you feel the winter chill, but other times you are more than certain spring has made its mark. The real question is how are you going to transition some of these winter pieces throughout weather change? There are plenty […]

Accessorizing Through Fall

I absolutely adore accessories that can really transform an outfit. I also adore this beautiful Fall weather I have been experiencing these past few weeks. The feeling of being cozy in sweaters and scarves really allows me to challenge my style. I think the sexiest thing this season is simply being warm and comfortable. Of […]