The Rise and Fall of Never Ever Land

The Rise and Fall of Never Ever Land Written by Crystal Lariece with Illustrations by Lawrence Carr   Where do you not see yourself in 5 years? In your career? In your relationship? How about in your overall personal growth? I’ll give you a minute to jot a few of those declarations down. Got it? […]

Overcoming the Great Divide

Conquering the Hurdles in Gender Communication – Kira Laws Communication has always been a place of indifference and fluctuating misunderstanding. For some, it may feel like crossing turbulent waters attempting to get to a place of peace. The desire to be heard by some and understood by others has inadvertently created strain on relationships, especially between […]

Cold Hard Fash Recap: Building Our Network (Atlanta)

February has been a month of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and networking for the Cold Hard Fash team!  The Launch Your Life ATL Masterclass and Glambitious Power Brunch were two fulfilling events that helped our vision grow and strengthened our identity. Thanks to Go and Glow’s Natasha Cole and Think and Grow Chick‘s Courtney Sanders, we had the […]