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If anyone had ever told me that my teenage obsession with collecting fashion magazines would land me here – spearheading, curating, and writing in my own magazine – I would have laughed it off immediately! Not because I did not believe it to be possible, but more because the vision I had for myself was much more traditional. A path to college, then law school, etc. – one that would keep my parents comfortable. Then life dealt me different options.

We all reach a crossroad where we have one huge decision to make: To follow the heart or to do what makes the most logical, relatable sense. It is an innate reaction for some of us to take chances and swan dive into our wildest dreams. While for others, the risk of failing and falling short of even our own expectations is just too scary to attempt. It’s taken some time, but throughout the last five years I’ve found myself to be much more comfortable with risking it all and following my heart in all areas of life. It is what makes life worth living.

Through the creation of the lifestyle blog, ColdHardFash.com, I’ve been able to provide a platform for myself and others to encourage freedom and confidence in self-expression through style. By style we mean fashion, home, entrepreneurship…doing and being all things that makes us individually dynamic. With this publication the goal is to expound on that mission and provide a larger platform to express the beautiful dreams that dance in our heads and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

With open hearts and appreciation the Cold Hard Fash team and I welcome you to experience Cold Hard Fash Quarterly….

With Love & Style,





Crystal Lariece
Founder & Editor-In-Chief

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