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“The joy of dressing is an art.”

-John Galliano

For some of us, the road to turning our creative passion into a business must be balanced with the mundane scene of corporate life. We’re often surrounded by bland office space, restrictive policies, and a lack style from most of our colleagues.

So, how do you avoid blending in and bring inspiration to those around you? Simply using color, print, and pattern in your wardrobe can make all the difference when bringing workwear and creativity together. I’ve selected the following six looks from the Spring 2018 runways to help you bring artistic flair to your day-to-day wardrobe this upcoming season.

Menswear in an office space can get boring rather quickly. Instead of a blazer, consider adding a leather shirt jacket as a creative staple to your office attire.

Who says suiting has to be stuffy? Cerruti 1881’s approach is one that I’d take a chance on. The relaxed fit of the suit mirrors atmosphere of the modern, creative workplace.

Ladies (and gentlemen), the floral printed suit is the best way to stand out from the world of beige and blandness that is most offices.

Never be afraid to play with pattern. Fendi’s play on stripes and plaids is genius. I’d say lose the tights for a perfect spring work look.

THIS SWEATER IS EVERYTHING!! Pairing it back to the oatmeal jacket and gray pant makes it the statement piece without being overpowering.

The bright, matching shirt and tie (formal camouflage, as I like to call it) stands out wonderfully under the dark suit.


Bustier or bandeau over a collared shirt — do you really need a reason? It’s a look I love. Make up a reason.

What is spring without the flowers? The addition of the tailored pant with the frilly dress makes this look less…frivolous, for the lack of a better word. Do it!

Image | Jamila Crawford Pecou

Rasheed first partnered with CHF as a contributing stylist in the preview issue of CHFQ. His connection with the brand’s founder started on the campus of Florida A&M University  and has blossomed into a friendship that has span over a decade. Born in Manhattan, New York, it’s no surprise of the insurmountable talent and understanding he has of the fashion and style industry. The youngest of three, Rasheed continues to reside in his hometown of Atlanta, GA.

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