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Repost — Original post on Interiors by Jacquin, April 3, 2015

There are certain collaborations that just click and my collaboration with Cold Hard Fash’s fabulous Creative Director & Founder Crystal Lariece is one of those perfect collaborations!  Over at Interiors by Jacquin I feature a Fashion meets Design series that highlights the unique style intersection between Interior Design and Fashion.   Each month Interiors by Jacquin features a guest fashion blogger or stylist who brings their style interpretation to an interior design image that I provide for their inspiration.   Today I’m giving Cold Hard Fash readers a taste of this awesome new series from my interior design & lifestyle blog, Interiors by Jacquin.

Let’s see what styled look Cold Hard Fash’s own Crystal Lariece was inspired to create based on this boldly colorful, yet luxe interior design.  This is a really wonderful post with a chic look to shop waiting for you at the end, so read on!

Fashion meets design with Crystal Lariece of Cold Hard Fash jpeg
(LEFT) Image via Pinterest, Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

Greetings to all lovers of style, design and everything beautiful!!  I am Crystal Lariece, Founder and Creative Director of Cold Hard Fash lifestyle blog.   It is such a pleasure to be a part of Jacquin’s Fashion Meets Design series.

Jacquin’s taste in design is impeccable, so partnering on this post was an absolute no-brainer.  The opportunity presented itself at in the midst of, what I believed to be, my journey of redefining my personal Style Story.  That was until Jacquin shared with me this design by Amanda Nisbet.  Let’s just say it sparked an “Aha” moment.

bold pink chinoiserie room - fashion meets design
Image via Pinterest, Amanda Nisbet Interior Design

The design of this room captures so much of my Style Story’s past, present and future.

Immediately, I was drawn to the choice of wall coloring and artwork. Both reflect the beginning chapters of my style journey where I’d discovered my fearless spirit to live boldly in life and style.  I was then drawn to the timeless design of the dining chairs and classic tea set that adorns the table.  These elements remind me of where I am presently…embracing the strength in my femininity.

Lastly, I could not take my eyes off of the magnificence of the chandeliers!  Simply, spectacular.  A testament to where I see my Style Story’s future chapters – filled with glamour!  Most importantly, this room design confirmed that my Style Story doesn’t require a redesign.  Just as this room, it’s all in the details…

Simply, Crystal Lariece



Amanda Nisbet’s design inspired this look that I’ve entitled “Simply, Crystal Lariece”.  It captures the fearlessness, strength and glamour that is me.

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

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