From the Desk of the Modern Day Cindi…5 Tips to Weatherproofing Your Spring Date: Day or Night

This one is for the Ladies

Spring has sprung, and for many it is a time of cultivating love, renewing old relationships, and seeking out new ones. Spring is a time of excitement including graduation, new flora and fauna, sweet scents, and fresh faces (and I’m not talking about your face). Nevertheless, Spring is all about the new people you may invite into your life including the potential for budding romance or the rekindling of an existing one. To that end, it represents a stroll in the park with your honey and smiles all around… However, when spring is near, the weather can be just as unpredictable as a hopeful romance. Relationships, just like this season, bring its own set of challenges like a capricious climate, fluctuating forecast and an occasional adverse reaction to the elements.

Generally speaking, most people love spring because the weather is the perfect combination of mildness with the mix of warmth and breeze that makes the season super comfortable. Be that as it may, Spring weather is not always comforting or inviting. Actually, outside of Spring being known as a break out season of bright colors, pretty flowers, kids playing, people strolling in the park, it is also known to be quite fickle. We’ve heard the expression, “April showers bring May flowers;” but let’s look at it from a different perspective. Just as the rain isn’t guaranteed to end in April, but rather, round out the spring season, so such is the ebb and flow of our spring flings of relationships. So ladies, how can we make those spring flings all the more enjoyable for you and your boo during this season? Let’s explore some ways to withstand the changing climate for a date day or night.


The key to a successful date day (or night) is to plan ahead. It seems like common sense right? We plan the time, the place, and even the activity. But do we ever really plan for not so favorable conditions (although you know the inclement weather can wreak havoc on a cute outfit or destroy a great hair day)? But honestly, we don’t always plan for that type of forecast unless it’s plainly evident. And if we do, we forego the outing all together because we fear not looking our best or coming correct. But fear not, I have a remedy for you! Here are 5 general ways to weatherproof your wardrobe to withstand a “fickle” forecast and transition into an awesome date day or night:

  1. Check the weather. Ok. Now it sounds silly but you would be surprised that this is not something that people commonly do. They may gauge their day by how it starts but not about how it could possibly end thereby not dressing for inclement conditions. So, do yourself a favor and check! That smartphone has an abundance of functionalities suited for a mover and shaker such as yourself.
  2. Remember: Undershirts never hurt! Yes, I said undershirts. These lifesaver that are also known by their pseudo name as tanks, camisoles, or the cutesy “beater” have come to the rescue on several occasions. Not only can they provide dimension and a pop of color to your outfit, but they are the perfect silent companion to a layered outfit which brings us to our next point..
  3. Don’t forget to layer! Layering is not just for winter, but a great layer technique can take you from office to outside, from cubicle to comfy, or from work to weekend and wine!– I think the fun thing about spring is that a little layer doesn’t hurt anyone so get creative. If you already have #2, then the natural next step is to select your layering top. Whether a cardigan, a plaid or solid button up, or an extended tee-shirt, a great layer can be wrapped around your waist or pulled off all together if the weather gets too steamy.
  4. Invest! Not just in stocks and bonds, but into a purse size mini umbrella. I am queen of keeping mini umbrellas in my purses because you never want to be without one, especially in anticipation of the occasional shower here or there. In addition, if your spring is more sunny and hot than rainy, the mini umbrella can provide great shade if your date takes place in the heat of the day.
  5. Change it up and opt for an agreeable shoe. Select a cute mid-heel or sandal or even a lo-top converse that provides a pop of color and is cute. A well thought out shoe will keep you  comfortable in case of an unexpected whether change. Your shoes can still be on “fleek” without 5 inch heels.

So yes ladies, the spring season (in all its glory), holds the promise of the fresh and the new! But do not forget, that there is an occasional chance of showers that can ruin the most well thought out plans, so stick to the quick list above in order to make the most of an unpredictable date day or night! And of course, although these 5 steps cannot prepare you for the ups and downs of dating in general, at least it can steer you in the right direction to weatherproof your spring date attire! Have fun my friends!