From the Desk of The Modern Day Cindi | Taking a PTO: The Adult Personal Time Out

Have you ever been at that place in your life when you needed to call a time out?

Time out from: The job? Work? People? Commitments? Obligations? Yourself?

It just got to a point that whatever was going on was going to need more than a 2 day weekend or a few hours in a spa to recover from….That is totally understandable and for that reason I’m writing this post for you.

Taking a personal day or a personal week or season is sometimes not optional, but in many cases, it is necessary! How many times have you felt that there were too many balls in the air and you had to juggle many of them alone? Or, that the 5 course meal you ordered for your life was more than you anticipated and you would have been better with a kid’s portion? Or, have you ever been in one of those moods that being alone was better than being in a collective group? Hey, that applies too! And to further the point, there is no specific, hard set of circumstances that qualifies one person over another for a “PTO”-Personal Time Out.

Therefore, here are some tips to get you through those times and find solace in taking a few hours or even days for yourself:

1Don’t feel bad about taking a break. If you’re on the job and you have the time, take it— we will assume you earned it in some fashion or another. Remember, it is your time, use it! Too many of us wait for official holidays and weekends only to get that “me” time in. But is that really the best way to unwind? Or, maybe you don’t have the too many options because you work for yourself and may not have too much time to spare. In either case, just unplug…COMPLETELY! It will do you a world of good. (See number 2)

2SERIOUSLY UNPLUG! The world can benefit from this quick & beautiful escape. Technology can ruin your peace of mind. It’s important to take a break from emails, phone calls and that oh-so important social media. I know, I know! How will you ever get the news you can use if you are not glued to your technology? But trust me, if there is something important happening that you just have to know about or life as you know it will soon be over, somehow that info will find you quicker than you can find it!

3Change up your scenery! Take a trip: if a long week or extended weekend isn’t in your budget, opt for a stay-cation in an area close to home or maybe just an hour or so away. A change of scenery overnight or even for a few hours can add invaluable minutes and even precious moments back to your life.

4Decompress: We used to hear people say “relax, relate release” all the time and the truth is they were right. Before you even start your “me” time journey, figure out what your biggest stressors are and why. Be honest with yourself about your current state, what’s doable or not doable, and make a decision at that point about the healthiest way to handle— Remember, the healthiest way for you may not always meet the inflated expectations of others.

5 | Define your health goals. Of course we could not talk about taking “me” time, if “me” time did not include a self-assessment of mind, body, & soul. I know it may sound funny, and a bit overused, but again, it’s a necessity. It is moment of truth type of thing: Are you or the situation you’re in making you feel like you’re going in circles and maybe a little crazy or overwhelmed? If so, determine a healthy, nonviolent, “PRO-You” way to handle it…. Nothing is worth putting your physical, psychological or even emotional and spiritual state of being at risk.

6 | Determine your non-negotiables. This may be the most important thing to do before you leave your “me” time. Pin-pointing a list of habits, people or situations that are a threat to your investment into self will give you an advantage on managing them and hopefully, allow you to keep your new found peace and not let your time off be for naught or compromised.

Remember, it’s your PTO “PERSONAL TIMEOUT, call it when you need it!

~The Modern Day Cindi


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