From the Desk of the Modern Day Cindi…Spring Bracket-ology Reloaded: The Color Canvas Edition

April is here and it is officially Spring! I think by far, spring and fall hold the number one spot in my heart for best seasons of all. It is no question that both of these seasons allow us to play up our clothes a lot more then the frigid winter or the all too hot summer. But in spring… the colors come to life. Spring is all about being BOLD and BRIGHT — This is of course the unofficial moniker of spring!  Spring also allows us to chart our course and plans for the future through our wardrobe.  Spring is no doubt an exciting time of year! So why not capitalize on it with the proper canvas for all the beautiful things that will happen this season.

Now when we last spoke, we talked about how we could definitely incorporate the March Madness bracket method to develop your spring wardrobe. But let’s take that a step forward, our bracket method allows us to not only develop our wardrobe, but also develop the palette that will color our wardrobe during this time.  So how could we incorporate this bracket methodology into our color palette for spring? I’m glad you asked…let’s revisit our bracket steps starting with the ultimate goal of winning.

In order to win this season, your wardrobe must include the winning colors for spring’s canvas: Blue and White. (And how ironic is it that Duke Blue Devils won the NCAA championship? We might be on to something with our bracket approach…Congratulations!). Our canvas, however, is not just limited to blue and white, but also burst of vivid reds and vibrant yellows —which add that needed panache for the season’s palette.

Why the blue and white canvas? The colors blue and white are traditional and classic. For me, they drum up thoughts of yacht clubs and ocean views. picture 1

But the beauty of these two colors is that they actually serve serious appeal whether worn together or separate as the canvas for layering other colors or accessories.  Whether it’s white bottoms and a blue top, blue bottoms with a white top, stripes, dresses, skirts, pants, or tees, blue and white paired with a touch of yellow or red is the canvas for spring and summer! So let’s use our bracket methodology to get to that winning palette…

Step 1: Create your criteria. It’s ok to be choosey! This is especially true with color. Eliminate all options to get down to the best one.  With the array of blues, yellows, and reds, it’s important to select the shade that complements your skin tone and marries well with your complete outfit and accessories.

picture 2

Step 2: Believe in your identity! If you don’t fancy wearing blue and white as canvas for clothes, maybe experiment with nail colors, shoes or other accessories that allow these colors to shine. Or go big and opt for the brightness of red or yellow to accentuate your style. Play up these colors as fitting to grandstand your style and personality! 

 picture 3picture 4picture 5

Step 3: Remain Coachable. Take the advice of the experts and do not shy away from coaching via Do’s and Don’ts lists, the leading fashion and style publications, designers, red carpets, and websites for ideas and trends on this season’s colors and patterns. The coaches will have great ideas and options on how to incorporate this seasons’ canvas into different outfits for different body types. picture 6


Step 4: Be fearless and poised! Not only are blue and white classic and timeless, but adding a pop of red or a splash of yellow solidifies your style and confidence! These colors are signature statement piece and attention grabbers. picture 7 picture 8 picture 9

Step 5: Once again, WIN!