Before you take another step…hang your shirt back up, cut the light off, and back away from the closet. Be careful, don’t trip on the cord from the iron or knock over your steamer. Gents, I need you to pay close attention. It’s been brought to me, by colleagues, friends, and the like, that there is still a problem within the ranks of the fashionable man. It’s a problem that, quite frankly, I thought we were beyond. The ever so elusive step of gentlemanly grooming is still evading us.

So let’s discuss the basics. Below are 3 simple tips that will upgrade your savior faire beyond what you can imagine. These simple, yet pivotal steps will place you among the elite of fashionable men…at least that’s what the ladies are telling me.

  1. Manicure and Pedicure:  Your hands are just as important as your shoes in fashion. It is all too well known a fact that shoes will make or break an ensemble. Guess what…hands will do the same. The days of the played out pinky nail have long left us! As a generalization, we as gents dress for the attention of those with whom we’d like to be romantically involved. Do you think that she’d be ok with you dressed to the nines in your double breasted, peak lapelled Hudson Mohair Suit and she notices, as you refill her Malbec, that your nails are as jagged and dirty as an east Texas country road? I mean c’mon, nothing will ruin a quaint movie night with the two of you secluded in you downtown flat than her feeling like she’s rubbing sandpaper when she tries to play footsies with you as foreplay. Simply put, invest in yourself and go get a manicure and pedicure. It’s not just cutting nails. It’s the softening of the skin, buffing of the nail beds, the removal of fungus, and massages that are fit for menswear mavens such as yourself!image4
  2. Facials and Beard Care:  Your skin is EVERYTHING!! Why participate in the vanity that is inherent in fashion and style only to repulse the masses with not having a radiant glow to you?!? Gents, the wet rag in the shower just isn’t enough. The Noxema alone isn’t enough. Once a month, take the time out to get a facial. Yes, a facial!! Let them put the mask on you, extract blackheads, unclog pores, and get a massage.Additionally, for the gents that have facial hair…more specifically the full beards…take the time out to keep it groomed. I am PROUD MEMBER of the bearded gentlemen and I understand how tedious this can be. But hey, you chose to wear the beard so wear it right! Invest in a straight razor and leather strop, clippers, a detangling brush, and beard oil. Side-note: vanilla and/or coconut oil are always good choices for beard oil. Don’t walk around with your beard looking like a dried up, rusted S.O.S. pad!!!image2
  3. Oral Care:  Admittedly, this can be an expensive undertaking, but in the name of style it’s necessary. Whether it’s braces, teeth whitening, fillings, or just simply keeping your lips moistened with lip balm, take care of your kisser. Your personal style can be enhanced by your personal smile. Make sure that it’s reflective (pun intended) of your wardrobe and daily style choices. Honestly, you don’t want to be referred to as “he was clean but…”image3

So gents, take the time to conquer the details. These simple steps will set you up for stylish success that will surpass other savants!!

Remember: Style leaves and impression, but fashion leaves a legacy.

Stay fly my friends!


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