Just for Kicks: Chrissy

The inspiration for this week’s Just for Kicks – The epitome of style and inventiveness.

My shaven head is my way of saying ‘I won’t take no for an answer,’ it is my way of saying ‘I believe in my creativity and artistry.’ – Chrisette Michele


When you look at old video clips and images of Chrisette Michele, it’s hard to see her true potential. Her lyricism has always been above reproach. However, to look at the young girl singing such powerful words like in ‘If I Had My Way’, something seems amiss. It’s reminiscent of my teenage-self, singing En Vogue’s ‘Giving Him Something He Can Feel’, in local talent shows. Sure, I hit all the notes and made sure to hit whatever choreographed steps that were appropriate. But there is no way I could truly embody the essence of that song. I was too young to truly appreciate the message.

Back in 2007, you see sparks of who this Diva should become. But there is something just so naive about her appearance. Today, you see this woman, surrendering to her passion, creativity, and purpose. Everything from her head to her toes correlates to the beautiful words of her songs.

Usually, I am inspired by shoes. Today, it is Chrissy’s (if it’s okay to call her that) carefully curated edgy, sexy appeal, that has inspired this selection.