Laws of Gentleman Style’s Fashionable Father’s Day Favorites


Spring is here! It’s undeniable. The rain, the warmth, the humidity, the flowers! Spring brings us many things! One of which I want to give special attention…Father’s Day!

June 21st is fast approaching and with Mother’s Day being a usual success, I want to pay homage to the gents out there that have stepped up to the plate and have defied the stereotypes and statistics.

Often times we overlook our fathers. We forget about the sacrifice, the nurturing, and the discipline that these great men have instilled in us. So in an effort to stylishly celebrate ‘Pops’, here are some spring season essentials that will make his spring and summer vacation one to remember.

1. Bermuda Shorts

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Let dad show off those strong legs by donning this Spring favorite. Make sure that they hit just above the knee. If you really want dad to be edgy, make sure the Bermuda shorts are distressed with some rips and tears. These can be paired with moccasins or dad’s favorite pair of stylish sneakers.

2. Extended T-Shirts

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Admittedly, this is a very trendy element that may not have lasting power. But fashion and style is that way sometimes. Let dad be a bit impulsive and irreverent and get him a few of these. There are a variation of cuts and styles. Find the one that dad is most comfortable with and let him loose. Brands to search are Zara, Flavela, and Represent Clo.

3.  Mariner or Submariner timepiece

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Every gent should have a stellar timepiece collection. Different sizes, shapes, and brands should frequent dad’s watch case. One essential is the mariner or submariner watch. These watches are generally larger and bulkier. They are very casual and boss at the same time. The streets call them big faces which means they are usually 48mm and above on the bezel.

My favorite brand, which is very affordable, is Invicta. Search for their Subaquamariner watches. Dad will not me disappointed. #IPromise

Dad’s deserve to be celebrated with as much vigor and passion as moms. It’s not a competition, but it’s only right. Use the above options to stylishly show dad how much he’s loved!!!

Remember, style leaves an impressions, but fashion leaves a legacy.

~ SG