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Kalan Laws (Señor Guapo) is one of Houston’s top men’s style influencers and the first contributing bloggers to ColdHardFash.com. He debuted his men’s style series, Laws of Gentlelman Style (LGS), in 2013, so it was a no-brainer to invite him back to be a part of our 5th Birthday Celebration. Read on to check out his 5 Reasons why men should be versatile in their style regimen.

Monday comes…
“Yaaaay” (with a sarcastic eye roll)!
You pull out your work outfit or uniform.
Crisp white broadcloth shirt with the perfect tie and hanky combination
Freshly laundered navy suit
Mirror shined cap toe oxfords
To be frank, you look like money!
Maybe you have a work shirt with a logo
Perfectly fitting khakis
And a pair of moccasins to die for.
Either way, you emanate success!
You’re a blue-collar brother
Coveralls and a pair of Coleman boots
Don’t forget your gloves!!

Wherever you work, you have a style. But, the thing about being a man of style is that people tend to peg you as what you wear. In fact, many gents succumb to this method of thinking themselves. I know some attorneys that don’t own a pair of denim. I also know some guys that work at the plant who wouldn’t be seen in a sport coat.

Most guys are built to look at things from a utility perspective. If it’s functional, they’ll invest in it. And if it can have more than one use, that’s even better. As a man, I agree, but as a man of style, I see limitations in that line of thinking. Sometimes the utility is the fact that the garment or outfit is strictly for stylish expression.

As gentlemen, we are not monolithic. We don’t do only one thing. Similarly, we don’t (or shouldn’t) wear only one look. Here are my 5 reasons why you should be able to code switch and have versatility in your wardrobe.

1. Shows that you’re a style aficionado.

The gent that can master multiple looks communicates that he is well versed in the elements of menswear. Being able to seamlessly transition from one aesthetic to another takes, intelligence, skill, and moxie Remember, style is an art form, be fearless and display your artistic prowess.

2. Communicates that you understand your environment.

Everywhere that we go, there is a “uniform” that is associated with that venue. Being out of uniform, just like at work, can get you in trouble. Knowing that the cinema is not a place for a 3-piece Havana Gray Suit from Suit Supply demonstrates that you know what to wear when. No one wants to waste an outfit or look like the outsider because you’re not in dress code.

Note: True style mavens know that you can be in uniform and still stylishly break the rules, so you don’t look like anyone else.

3. Helps to maintain the life of your garments.

Having options and choices means that you don’t wear out your clothes from over usage. If you’re a true minimalist, this may be a difficult pill to swallow. The less you sport your pieces, the less wear and tear they’ll have and they won’t have to be replaced as frequently.

4. Keeps it spicy.

Nothing is greater than hearing, “Wow, you look great”. By wearing the same look over, and over, (and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over — do you get the point?) you become predictable and people may become “immune to the dopeness of your aesthetic”. They will always know that you’re a man of style, but the wow factor may fade. Being able to code switch with your looks keeps everyone on their toes so that you never disappoint.

5. You want to control what people think about you.

Intentionality is key when planning your wardrobe. Again, you are not monolithic….none of us are. So being able to be street one day, Americana the next, and sprezzatura on another day indicates how you want to be seen, experienced, and treated. No one look is higher on the totem pole than the other. Instead, it’s all about how you feel.

So gents, say it with me: “We are not what we wear!” It’s simple. You may be an accountant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock distressed biker denim with some hot Balenciaga runners. Conversely, you may be a maintenance professional, but you can sport your Indochino custom-made blazer whenever you feel the need to! Be versatile gents, and let know the world tell you who you are!


Kalan D. Laws
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