MORE THAN JUST KICKS | Realizing My Legacy

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: It should look like the future you are dreaming.”

-Alice Walker

As we wrap up our five year birthday celebration, I’ve been racking my brain on the type of post I wanted to share. Clearly my love for shoes and being girl-next-door cute will never change, but over the last couple of years (and more so the last couple of months) my outlook on my style has changed.

These last 6 months have been a world-wind. Between getting married, traveling, and burying one of my childhood friends and an uncle, I’ve really been taking stock of my life—my choices, my personal brand, and my legacy. I love being married, and probably should have done it sooner. The friend who passed on was a beautiful soul and the people who came to celebrate her life were a testimony to the type of life she lived. My uncle was not so nice, and his home going service was a bucket of mixed emotions, scarcely populated by distant family members.

With so many powerful women taking center stage over the last couple of years like Michelle Obama, Angela Rye, Ava Duvernay and the young Ms. Tiffany Loftin, it makes me question myself. What have I contributed to this world? What am I doing to provide a boost to the generation behind me? How can I take all of this good Black Girl Magic, and be even more MAGICAL?

While I figure all of this out, my hair is changing, my since of style is bolder, and the expression of personal brand in my marketing career is become more defined. So here is what I know about myself: I’m a sassy, super smart brown girl that cares deeply about my family and wants to change the world (or at least the world that impacts me).

I know this is really heavy compared to my past posts that have been fun-loving and light-hearted. Well the good news is that I still love shoes, which is why I’m featuring these fabulous Tamara Mellon Suede Arizona Sandals in this post.

Realizing My Legacy

Like the changing of seasons, my personal style-guide is evolving. Just like this great finds, I’m a little bit of this, and a whole lot of that.

Thank you Cold Hard Fash for introducing me to so many creative souls. Over these last five years, you’ve been instrumental in helping me to Realize My Legacy.

I’m off to be more magical!


Style Sense aka Ariel W.


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