HELLO 2016!

Yes. I realize that I am about a month behind in checking in with all of you for 2016…Keep reading and you’ll understand and appreciate why.

Where does one begin? Allow me get personal for a moment…

Between the months of August and October 2015 I felt that everything that I believed in was falling apart…and I had no control. Everything Cold Hard Fash was included! Despite the success of the blog and e-Magazine, pushing forward with confidence was my greatest struggle.

A Brief History…

In pursuit of the life of a full-time entrepreneur, in June 2015 I made the bold decision to walk away from a semi-secure “job” (many of my former co-workers were recently laid off). Whether it was poor-planning or an overly ambitious move on my part…it caused a long road of doubt, broken friendships and rediscovery of self. There were individuals that I counted on to be in my corner that evaporated quickly into an abyss. My home life became unstable and I blamed myself for everything – whether the offense was made by me or against me.

I believed focusing on CHF and all of its related projects would fix the damage done. Unfortunately, the more I tried to focus the further separated I became from Cold Hard Fash and the belief that I could succeed as an entrepreneur. By September, I accepted a job in the field that brings me most joy, things began to slowly make sense again, and then there was this major shift. A reality check.

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In the midst of trying to REdefine me and everything I stood for, God stepped in to remind me that He made me according to His plan and that my journey was for a greater purpose!

One week before my 32nd birthday, I discovered I would soon be a mother. Nothing on this Earth could describe the blessing and excitement that this new life brought to me. My pregnancy reignited so much internally that I’d once believed was robbed from me. It made me focus on the greater story and forgive myself.

It was important that I LOVE ME first so that I could be a living example of success for my son.

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The Break…

With the expectancy of a new baby comes a hell of a lot of soul searching and taking inventory of the things we believe to be priority. For the first time, I allowed myself to BREAK: Break from ColdHardFash.com, CHFQ, and all other projects that I took on. I needed to re-prioritize my life to only focus on the things that would be rewarding to my spirit in the long run.

First order of business, I made the difficult decision to stop all activity to the blog “until further notice”. We all have the right to walk away whether temporary or permanently to make sense of the bigger picture. In my break I found that  subconsciously I’d muted and censored my true voice in the world of CHF. As a result the mission and values of the Cold Hard Fash brand had been lost. All while under my leadership. In order for it to be what I initially envisioned, I had to hold myself accountable for the rebirth and rebranding of Cold Hard Fash and its affiliate projects.

When it is all said and done…


The Future…

Today, I’m excited to announce that THE BREAK IS OVER! Cold Hard Fash is back! Over the next few months, expect to be introduced to new content, some familiar voices, but most importantly an initiative to support a community that embodies the “renewed” mission of Cold Hard Fash:

To celebrate entrepreneurship and creative ingenuity in fashion, lifestyle, and the Arts.

As for me and my written contribution to CHF, expect a more candid, personal and raw voice with the key purpose to inspire others to live and love without apology!

Thank you for your continued support and love!

With Love + Style,

Crystal Lariece

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