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Crystal Lariece
A native of Inkster, MI, Crystal found her interest in the fashion industry as a Detroit-area runway and print model – a career that span over 14 years. In 2013, Crystal founded lifestyle blog alongside one of her closest friends, Ariel Allen. By 2015, they collaborated with their resident bloggers to create the first issue of Cold Hard Fash Quarterly. She continues to blog at while growing her entrepreneurial spirit through other art and style related projects. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.
Kalan Laws
Men's Style Editor & Writer
Kalan Laws, also known as Señor Guapo is a man with passion for international development and educational philanthropy. Hailing from Houston, TX, Kalan is setting both coasts on fire as a noted lecturer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the foremost developmental minds of our generation. He has expanded his ever evolving portfolio to extend into the reaches of fashion. He is an aspiring designer, burgeoning stylist, and manages his own men’s style and fashion blog.
Kira Laws
Lifestyle Editor & Writer
Kira Laws, wife, mother, author, life coach and image consultant is the face behind the voice. Kira started her writing passion at the tender age of 8 years old as an outlet to express herself. Through her many personal and professional experiences, along with her gifts of creativity and ingenuity and her love to serve the people, specifically, young women, her epithet and brand, The Modern Day Cindi was born. Kira’s primary focus is to not only build people and businesses, but redefine images, refine ideas, and refocus perspectives.
Jennifer Pearson
Arts & Culture Editor & Writer
Jennifer Pearson has had a passion for writing and culture before she even knew it. As founder and editor-in-chief of Understated Culture (, she infuses her love of sociology and fashion in telling the stories of individuals and their unique styles. She’s crafted a unique voice in subjects that range from individual style to education technology. Jennifer currently resides in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.


Not pictured Ariel S. Allen Co-Founder + Business Manager 

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