SETTING THE BAR | 5 Instagram Feeds That Can’t Be Ignored

“Someone who is exceptional in their role is not just a little better than someone who is pretty good. They are 100 times better.”

-Mark Zuckerberg

Being exceptional in today’s world  is something well worth being celebrated. The fast-pace of social media bombards us with so much in one instant, that it can become a little drab. I love Instagram because it’s a place to discover some of the best Creatives in all parts of the world. I’ve selected five Creatives’ Instagram feeds whose, in my opinion, content sets the bar above many.

Image | @nabela on Instagram

First up, Nabela Noor (@nabela), a Bangladeshi-American beauty influencer.

What I love about Nabela?

To begin, Nabela is absolutely beautiful. Her Instagram feed perfectly reflects the vibrant, fun and authentic spirit that she shares with us on her Youtube channel. I love the positive affirmations and her makeup artistry is EVERYTHING!

Image | @williammasseyart on Instagram

Next, there’s Atlanta Installation Artist, William Massey (@williammasseyart).

What I love about William?

To start, when in Atlanta take a visit to the Atlanta Beltline to experience his work in person. You’ll get it. But, in the event that an Atlanta visit is not on the horizon, exploring his Instagram feed will give you a look at his artistry and his process. I love his use of materials and dedication to the Atlanta art community. If you are looking for inspiration as an entrepreneur with unusual character, look no further.

Image | Dialo Franklin on Facebook

Atlanta is full of exceptional talent. My third pick is Atlanta Freelance Photographer, Dialo Franklin (@vive.vibe).

What I love about Dialo?

Traditional photography takes pure talent. Dialo’s eye for photography is very evident in his Instagram feed. I especially love the authenticity of how he captures his models and use of shadows. Not to mention the overall layout of his Instagram feed is consistent and well-curated.

Image | @withloveleena on Instagram

Muslim-American/Palestinian Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Leena Asad (@withloveleena) comes in at #4.

What I love about Leena?

You ever come across an Instagram feed and your mouth just drops (for all the right reasons) and never closes? Yeah, that is how I reacted when first visiting Leena’s page. My thumb just could not stop scrolling. Oh! Where do I begin? The overall aesthetic is so peaceful, calming, and empowering. It has a quiet strength. The cherry on top: Beautiful travel photos and handbag collection…#GOALS.

Image | @thefashionhackr on Instagram

Last, but far from least is UK style influencer and freelance stylist, Arian Humirang (@thefashionhackr)

What I love about Arian?

Well, what is there not to love about The Fashion Hackr. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, like drop dead. His style is fearless and the way he accessorizes in excellence. I can never get enough color, The Fashion Hackr Instagram is full of bright, beautiful color that keeps you wanting more!

I hope that my recommended follows will uplift your daily IG experience and bring you a ton of inspiration. Until we meet again…

-Elaine Glover


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