Sincerely, Style Sense: Putting the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving

We pledge NOT to shop on Thanksgiving Day…

Because there really are more important things in life than shopping.

As I think about all of the holiday traditions (real or imagined) that my family has honored over the years, I sit back and smile. While the year seems to go by quickly than I remember as a child, Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.

family picsWhen I was a kid, my family would get together and cook all Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. We didn’t eat breakfast on Thursday, just nibbled on the pre-feast eats. We’d laugh, watch football, and profess our thanks and blessings; then go to the grandparents’ house to do it all over again. Once I got a car as a teenager, I would add a couple more houses to the visiting list. On Friday morning, my sister and cousins would head over to my grandparent’s house to help decorate for Christmas. It’s because of my grandfather that I love this time of year and feel the need to add holiday décor to my space, every single year.

Enter “Black Friday”

So I am never one to turn down a good shopping trip, but Black Friday gives me anxiety. All those people clamoring over racks, and shelves, and aisle to get the best deals. I know you’ve seen the bickering and stalking over dolls and electronics. It can be too much sometimes.

Meanwhile, the retailers are sitting back like fat cats, because they are probably seeing their first real net profits for the year. Last year, something new happened. You’ve seen the ads. Can someone explain to my why some stores are opening on Thanksgiving? Some retailers have the impression that their sales trump family – My Family.

Clearly this great idea isn’t affecting the CEO’s and Presidents of these big box retailers. I’m sure they will be home on Thanksgiving, celebrating their holiday traditions and basking in the all that is their family.

Family PicsNow, my family has definitely incorporated the huge savings of Black Friday shopping into our annual traditions. But our Family Comes First! It’s still about the long days in the kitchen and bonding over a great meal – thankful that we have seen another year, welcomed a new baby, cried, laughed, mourned, and celebrated life.

But what about the store manager, security guards, sales clerks and cashiers. Don’t they have traditions? Don’t they have family? Do they have anything to be thankful for?

We stumbled upon this open letter from Annie Zirkel that sums it up quite well

Dear Person or Persons Responsible for stealing Thanksgiving,

Save ThanksgivingPlease don’t open on Thanksgiving. Please leave this one day alone! Let workers stay home with their families and don’t tempt consumers to break away from theirs. Is this really too much to ask?


Annie Zirkel

Because the Allen, Geddis, Muse, and Middlebrook Families means so much to us at The Credential Group we’ve taken the pledge to Save Thanksgiving.

We challenge you to do the same.

Commit to putting the THANKS back in Thanksgiving

From our Families to Yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.


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