Spring Wardrobe Prep: The “March Madness” Edition

The month of March is here and is not just about green things and leprechauns. March beckons big basketball and change. As a wink to spring and a hand wave goodbye to winter, March provides new perspectives, new possibilities, a new outlook of what could be personally and professionally, and with all hopes, an anticipated wardrobe change. On March’s resume is St. Patty’s Day, the opening of spring season and hosting one of the biggest events for collegiate sports in the U.S., “March Madness.” But March also follows one of the biggest months for fashion all over the globe; and if you are an avid follower, just as many are sports enthusiasts, you cannot wait until seasons change to try something new.

So what is in the promise of warm weather that makes us so eager to leave our hot cocoa, scarves and mitts behind? Because March gives a glimpse that spring is soon approaching, could it be the idea of reinventing yourself?  Maybe the possibility of beginning anew: new opportunities, new endeavors, new relationships, new hopes, going new places and seeing new things.

Many of us are looking forward to the possibility of peeling off layers. The anticipation of shedding the heavy coats, bulky sweaters, and warm boots in exchange for lighter tees, comfy pants, brighter colors in the wardrobe. Bolder concepts in style or donning new hairstyles, nail colors, or lipsticks from your favorite brands is always an exciting conquest …not to mention there’s just something about sliding into a spring sandal or nice moccasin to showcase a nice pedi or uncovered, moisturized ankles (Ha!).

Either way, the change of weather from cool to warm (and vice versa) opens the door for us to not only try new clothes and colors, but maybe also explore new ways of putting together those new looks. If you are one who has been looking forward to the coming of spring, here is a “March Madness” bracket approach that will help you maximize all the possibilities this season… especially in a spring wardrobe change.

So “March Madness”, we have all at least heard of it, if not been drug into a bracket war at work or among friends. It is a gamblers erotic dream! For “March Madness”, brackets and teams are selected and ranked based on strength of schedule for the teams, voraciousness and intensity of plays, coachability, team cohesiveness, and overall toughness. Not only are all of these elements key to winning a championship, but because the drama of “March Madness” is likened to some of the anxiety and/or excitement fashion lovers feel as the seasons change, they can also be used in a wardrobe makeover. …

Step 1: Use the bracket approach and create your criteria.

Look at all of the options and styles that are available or that you consider to be a prospect. As with the popular tourney, the bracket approach theoretically is a way to eliminate all options to get down to the best one.

*This approach can also be used to prioritize competing goals and/or responsibilities in our lives by delegating tasks based on importance, need, relevance and impact. — Just a spring cleaning thought. (WINK)

Step 2: Have belief in your own identity!

Narrow down the look you favor, the one you believe will be an extension of what you like and also complements your unique style and identity. Your personal style is a reflection of you. Never lose yourself by trying to become someone else. This holds true for life as well. Your style, your life, your personality, and your love should be trademarked. Just as all the teams in the Tourney have an identity, so should you!

Step 3: Remain Coachable.

Though style is subjective, it’s always a good idea to stay connected to the “experts” and “coaches” via the leading fashion and style publications, designers, red carpets, and websites for ideas and trends such as a season’s colors and patterns. Do’s and Don’ts lists are a good way to make sure that your belief in your style is staying somewhat near the fashionable standards.

Step 4: Be fearless and poised!

Parade your picks around town. In fashion and style, fearlessness + poise = confidence! Confidently display your creativity and personality with panache, flair, and charm! No one can be you better than you. That’s the kind of confidence you must have when making changes that are beneficial to you, especially a change as obvious as what you wear!

And after all of that, evaluate your spring picks, admire your selections, then head outside with no regrets and prepare to conquer Step 5.

Step 5: Win!