SETTING THE BAR | 5 Instagram Feeds That Can’t Be Ignored

“Someone who is exceptional in their role is not just a little better than someone who is pretty good. They are 100 times better.”
-Mark Zuckerberg

Being exceptional in today’s world  is something well worth being celebrated. The fast-pace of social media bombards us with so much in one instant, that it can become a little drab. I love Instagram because it’s a place to discover some of the best Creatives in all parts of the world. I’ve selected five Creatives’ Instagram feeds whose, in my opinion, content sets the bar above many.

Ambition is the New Black

“When it’s been out of sight and out of mind For such a long time, that’s how one forgets So I reached in the back of my closet And pulled it out and tried it on and it still fits…” -Dressed Up in Love, Jennifer Hudson Do you remember your dreams when you were a […]