The COLLECTIV | Alexandra Butler

Whether or not it is our intention to influence those around us, each of us have either done, said or shared some part of our lives that has lit a flame inside a fellow human being. By simply sharing our passions on social media we’ve created more influence in an array of ways greater than […]

With Love + Style | Chrisette Michele’s Pose ‘n’ Post Symposium

With so many exciting things happening for Cold Hard Fash this past weekend, I was looking forward to wrap it all up in a pretty little bow with my attendance of the Pose ‘n’ Post Sympsium hosted by the impeccable musical artist Chrisette Michele. Everything about the evening exceeded my expectations. The setting was adorbs…adorned with the glow […]

Dinner with Blake Von D.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration. Whether you’re going through your closet or an upset in life, inspiration and motivation will always be necessary. A few weeks ago I was going through a “creative block” for lack of a better phrase, and nothing seemed to spark when it came to blogging, dressing or even having […]