Cold Hard Fash #BTS | Summer 2017

Videography | Clifford L. Johnson  Photography | George Clarence + Clifford L. Johnson Thank you to all of the talented Creatives who have partnered with us to make A Creative’s Renaissance a reality. Your Talent and Time are greatly appreciated! Return to Table of Contents


The best word to describe the first Cold Hard Fash Quarterly cover and fashion shoot – Bliss. For Editor-In-Chief, Crystal Lariece, it was a whirlwind of (typical) indecisiveness mixed with a slight case of OCD. An experience she was born for and it added a great amount of comedic pleasure to the atmosphere of the […]

The Director’s Cut

Every photographer needs a muse; a source of inspiration to bring their vision to life. Developing film is likely the most intimate role in the process. With all of the amazing photo shoots we’ve seen from the likes of Adriana Lima, Chanel Iman, and Karolina Kurkova, we often wonder what beauty is left on the […]