Just for Kicks: Finger Painting

Forever, I’m going to stay alive Bred to handle anything, yeah, put here to rise Like the purple flowers, paint the sky Still taking chances, better make it by Forever I’m going to keep it real Brought up in the field, another dream for the street to kill We hope the money ease the mind […]

Beautiful Start to a Beautiful Year

Today’s Just for Kicks is inspired by my current situation in life. I have curves. I have edges. I like to enjoy the sparkle of life. I am having the most amazing year! (A little cliché 😉 )Yes, I know we are only six days in, but hey, you have to celebrate every victory. Just […]

Scandalous! Olivia Pope Dazzles in Burberry

If you missed the season premiere of ABC’s Scandal, I am not sure how you are living! Literally for 59 minutes, I did not breathe. The summer was worth the wait because this season started so many twist and turns that I was afraid to blink. Here is the long and short of the drama: […]