4 Cool Styles for a Hot Summer

Señores! It’s summer…and it’s hot! It’s so hot that I INSTANTLY get an attitude when I open the front door. It’s so hot that I utterly loathe touching my seat belt when I get in the car. Don’t get me started on the infamous “day party”…sigh! So as style influencers and dapper individuals, how can […]

The Rain of Men’s Style

“Rain, Rain, go away come again another day…” As a young lad that was the song that I, along with millions of other tikes, would sing when torrents would rear their ugly heads. In my young mind, the prevailing thoughts about rain were it was uncomfortable, depressing and flat out ugly. After all, I was […]


Before you take another step…hang your shirt back up, cut the light off, and back away from the closet. Be careful, don’t trip on the cord from the iron or knock over your steamer. Gents, I need you to pay close attention. It’s been brought to me, by colleagues, friends, and the like, that there […]