The COLLECTIV | Alexandra Butler

Whether or not it is our intention to influence those around us, each of us have either done, said or shared some part of our lives that has lit a flame inside a fellow human being. By simply sharing our passions on social media we’ve created more influence in an array of ways greater than […]

HELLO 2016!

Yes. I realize that I am about a month behind in checking in with all of you for 2016…Keep reading and you’ll understand and appreciate why. Where does one begin? Allow me get personal for a moment… Between the months of August and October 2015 I felt that everything that I believed in was falling […]

The Rise and Fall of Never Ever Land

The Rise and Fall of Never Ever Land Written by Crystal Lariece with Illustrations by Lawrence Carr   Where do you not see yourself in 5 years? In your career? In your relationship? How about in your overall personal growth? I’ll give you a minute to jot a few of those declarations down. Got it? […]

3 Reasons Why You Will Never Quit Your Day Job

Wake up early. Fight traffic. Drink 3 cups of coffee to get going. Eat horribly at lunch. Fight traffic again. Go home. Sleep, then repeat… As daunting as this may sound, it’s the reality for most of us. We go to work unsatisfied, over worked, and under paid but for some reason we will not […]