The Rain of Men’s Style

“Rain, Rain, go away come again another day…” As a young lad that was the song that I, along with millions of other tikes, would sing when torrents would rear their ugly heads. In my young mind, the prevailing thoughts about rain were it was uncomfortable, depressing and flat out ugly. After all, I was […]

Neckwear 101 for the True Gentleman

Gents, It has been too long since we’ve last consorted! Life has been good. I’ve been reading, traveling, and shopping. I have some wonderful things that I can’t wait to share, along with pics that I am eager for you to see! As I sojourned these past few weeks, I was on a mission to […]

Educated Man of Style

Gents, In all thy getting, get an understanding! This is a biblical proverb that I live by. I am a seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding (I know, I’m reeeeeal deep, lol). I absolutely believe in education (formally and informally), but I’m not always a seeker of knowledge in the traditional sense although formal school […]

Fly As You Want to Be

Gents, I hope that your holiday season was filled with family, fun, and most importantly fabulous fashion! (I bet you like my priorities). After all of the traveling, gift giving, and toasting, it’s time to get back to the real world…and it SUCKS!!! So when gearing up for work during the new year let’s make […]