Candid Creatives

Artist Interview Series with Jennifer Pearson There is something special about meeting creatives and drawing upon their perspectives of life and passion. Regardless of what your talent may be, there is a sense of interconnectedness that ultimately allows us to cross paths and exchange stories. I wanted to candidly speak with a creative and my […]

Dinner with Blake Von D.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration. Whether you’re going through your closet or an upset in life, inspiration and motivation will always be necessary. A few weeks ago I was going through a “creative block” for lack of a better phrase, and nothing seemed to spark when it came to blogging, dressing or even having […]

Introducing Understated Culture for CHF

Jennifer Pearson, creator of Understated Culture, has always had an eye for fashion. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and knows no boundaries in style. This young fashionista is inspired by anything from classic old Hollywood  to edgy and bold styles. She makes it a priority to express her creativity, stand out, and do […]