MORE THAN JUST KICKS | Realizing My Legacy

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: It should look like the future you are dreaming.” -Alice Walker As we wrap up our five year birthday celebration, I’ve been racking my brain on the type of post I wanted to share. Clearly my love for shoes and being girl-next-door cute will never change, but […]

Just for Kicks: Finger Painting

Forever, I’m going to stay alive Bred to handle anything, yeah, put here to rise Like the purple flowers, paint the sky Still taking chances, better make it by Forever I’m going to keep it real Brought up in the field, another dream for the street to kill We hope the money ease the mind […]

Just for Kicks: Spring Fling

It’s Spring!!!! The birds are singing, swimsuits are on sale, and the pollen is clogging your breathing apparatus (LOL). If you are anything like me, the best part about spring is the change in the style season. I pulled together a couple of my faves that should be in a store near you. While you […]