Gen X v. Millennials

Written by | Jamilia Fortune “What’s wrong with you people? You’re so self-involved and vain! Everything you do is attached to your phones!” “Seriously, do we really need to know your every move? Why should we care where you are and who you’re with? We weren’t invited!” “I mean do we have to see every meal […]

It Should All Be So Simple…

For three weeks now, I’ve been toggling back and forth with a post about summer style. Introduction completed. Even the first style “to-do” chosen and broken down. BUT THEN I STOPPED. I found myself staring at the cursor steadily blinking on the screen, as if urging me to “Come on already…”. Yet, I had nothing […]

Own Your Life

Written by Kia Folsom While speaking to my class of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, commentator and expert Jeff Johnson eloquently informed them that their lives are in their hands. He shared his road to becoming a commentator on cable television and how that parlayed into radio and public appearances. However, aside from of […]