Looks of Love: Date Night

 The best part about a date night is you can make it whatever you want when you are with the right person. Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’m sure people are planning to go above and beyond. Some are all for it, quite a few are against it, and others just don’t really care. No […]

Perfect Prints and Contagious Personality

2014 is the year to push the envelope in style. This is the year to conquer fears, believe in all possibilities and take the world by storm. Fear not of what will be accomplished, but do not be surprised at how well it will be done. As I embark upon the new year, my only style […]

Fly As You Want to Be

Gents, I hope that your holiday season was filled with family, fun, and most importantly fabulous fashion! (I bet you like my priorities). After all of the traveling, gift giving, and toasting, it’s time to get back to the real world…and it SUCKS!!! So when gearing up for work during the new year let’s make […]

It’s Not The Tags They See, It’s The Woman They Remember

I do not dress to simply be noticed, but to be remembered. My mother always told me “People will never see the size or where your clothes came from, but they’ll always remember the woman that wore them.” It took me years to find comfort in that statement, but it was the absolute truth. The […]

Introducing Understated Culture for CHF

Jennifer Pearson, creator of Understated Culture, has always had an eye for fashion. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and knows no boundaries in style. This young fashionista is inspired by anything from classic old Hollywood  to edgy and bold styles. She makes it a priority to express her creativity, stand out, and do […]