George Mitchell, Jr. Photographer George is a native of Michigan and still makes his home there. With over a decade of experience, George’s passion is communicating with people and creating powerful, creative images. His keen sense of understanding people’s needs and desires has helped him develop George Clarence Atelier. George is a firm believer that following […]


The best word to describe the first Cold Hard Fash Quarterly cover and fashion shoot – Bliss. For Editor-In-Chief, Crystal Lariece, it was a whirlwind of (typical) indecisiveness mixed with a slight case of OCD. An experience she was born for and it added a great amount of comedic pleasure to the atmosphere of the […]

Own Your Life

Written by Kia Folsom While speaking to my class of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, commentator and expert Jeff Johnson eloquently informed them that their lives are in their hands. He shared his road to becoming a commentator on cable television and how that parlayed into radio and public appearances. However, aside from of […]

Candid Creatives

Artist Interview Series with Jennifer Pearson There is something special about meeting creatives and drawing upon their perspectives of life and passion. Regardless of what your talent may be, there is a sense of interconnectedness that ultimately allows us to cross paths and exchange stories. I wanted to candidly speak with a creative and my […]

Overcoming the Great Divide

Conquering the Hurdles in Gender Communication – Kira Laws Communication has always been a place of indifference and fluctuating misunderstanding. For some, it may feel like crossing turbulent waters attempting to get to a place of peace. The desire to be heard by some and understood by others has inadvertently created strain on relationships, especially between […]