Sincerely Style Sense – Layered Up

I have a headache. Not an ibuprofen type of headache. This is the type of headache that is going to take some effort, some passion, some force to get out of my head. I’ve spent the last eight hours slaving for someone else’s passion. Giving them all of my effort and only to get home, […]

Sincerely, Style Sense: It’s Levels to This *ish

To all of you beautiful gals and guys with dreams and aspirations of becoming fabulous and fancy-free, I’m going to offer you a little advice. In order to have a great production, you have to pull the curtain back. You know, see the natural progression of things. Let’s take a journey behind the scenes with […]

Sincerely, Style Sense: I Was Gone for a Minute…

I was gone for a minute, NOW I’M BACK WITH THE JUMP OFF!!!! Its spring cleaning time and for me that means: purging of old clothes that I don’t wear anymore. Do you do that? I do. But most times, it doesn’t work that well. I find things that still work for me, but I just […]