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“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

-Winston Churchill

The mind of a creative entrepreneur is multi-dimensional. The aspirations that fill our heads are often, if not always, rooted in a deeper place than any book or formal education could tap into. We’re rooted in life experiences and passion unparalleled. So creating and maintaining a business that will continue to serve us, as well as, our audience must be made clear through planning each step along the way.

Having a clear and concise vision of what was to live beyond the launch was a huge lesson learned in the building of CHF. Too often our focus on the next thing happened as the NOW was reaching its end. Through trial and error, we found that it was imperative to have a plan in place if we wanted to fulfill our mission. Here are some of my key tips to staying the course:

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CHF has always faced the challenge of not fitting in. Our mission, aesthetics, and voice are far from what you would find on a typical lifestyle and fashion blog. Although a challenge, not fitting in is what we’re most proud of. It’s easy to see what’s working for the majority of an industry and believe that you have to do exactly what “they” are doing to make a name for yourself. Remember: That idea that you are quick to emulate was once the radical in a world of normalcy. Enlightening an industry on a new way of thinking and doing is a greater feat then blending in to what already exists.


I am guilty of not taking the art of planning seriously. I’ve mentioned earlier in this series that I’ve only recently implemented formal planning into the growth of CHF. This tip seems like a no-brainer, but in today’s climate it is more attractive to skip the necessary work or seek out shortcuts. If you are at this point, here are a couple of things I’d wish you to consider:

Planning is more than time management Yes. It is a key element to planning. It also serves as a way to adjust with the times. For instance, you may set a clear perspective of what you wish to produce, but a shift in your industry or society as a whole may deem the idea antiquated or in need of refinement. Having a plan in place allows you to see the grander scheme of things. It allows adjustments to be made that will keep you ahead of the game and prevent setting yourself back.

There’s no wrong way No plan is created equal. Just as your vision is unique, so should your plan to bring it to reality. I personally have multiple planning tools. For my day-to-day and life planning I go to my Law of Attraction planner. For all things CHF, I have an editorial blogging calendar, social media content calendar, google calendar, and a human being to keep me engaged and on track. There’s no wrong way nor a limit to how you plan ahead.

“Remember, the idea that you are quick to emulate was once the radical in a world of normalcy.”


The trend in entrepreneurship has been to skip the bad stuff, the challenges, the misguided decisions, and all things ugly. To just share the successes of your journey is a disservice to your audience. It falsifies what it means to be and live as an entrepreneur. Look at every mistake made as a fresh start for yourself and for the struggling entrepreneur who may be watching. Being authentic in your ups and downs can change the course of how business is done. Effective change erupts in our mistakes.

I’ll leave you with this: Despite what the moment feels like, you are closer every day to living your dream. Stay the course, the journey is never over. It has its twist and turns, but the road is infinite. I encourage you to believe that all things are possible if and when you stay ready.

Thank you for being a part of the Unusual Business series. We can’t wait to share what’s next…



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