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Whether or not it is our intention to influence those around us, each of us have either done, said or shared some part of our lives that has lit a flame inside a fellow human being. By simply sharing our passions on social media we’ve created more influence in an array of ways greater than we could’ve ever imagined.

Personally, I am not easily influenced by much that is shared on social media these days, so it’s a rarity that someone or something catches my attention in a way that shapes my ideas and personal aspirations. Our newest COLLECTIV spotlight is THE EXCEPTION. The moment I first saw her in person, I approached her cautiously and even shared with her how I am not an “Insta-groupie,” but she and her work has inspired so much in me.

I’ll get more into why I love and felt a connection with her after you’ve had a chance to get to know her for yourself…

Allow me to introduce to you, Professional Makeup Artist, Alexandra Butler.

Alexandra Butler, Makeup Artist | Image via Instagram @themuaalex
Alexandra Butler, Makeup Artist | Image via Instagram @themuaalex


CHF:  Define your personal style and how it is reflected in the Alexandra Butler Makeup Artistry brand.

Alexandra Butler (AB):  

My personal style is comfortable, effortless, laid back, eclectic but simple, unique…

When it comes to my personal makeup, I am very simple and minimalistic for a MUA because most like a BEAT FACE, lol, not me. That reflects in my paint on others because I don’t like the skin to look over worked or heavy. I like to enhance my client’s natural beauty and not cover it up with a ton of makeup. I like to start current, and luckily the current trend is natural and youthful.

CHF:  Where do you find most of your creative inspiration?

AB:  I get some of my creative inspiration from the general locations most get theirs from, magazines, tv shows, celebs etc. But the majority of my inspiration come from fellow artists who inspire me with their drive, creativity, passion, and product knowledge. I try to stay educated on what’s current and to master a look that screams, “That’s an Alex paint job!!!”

CHF:  Describe the most inspiring and challenging moments you’ve faced as an independent makeup artist.

AB:  One of the most inspiring moments was seeing my name on the credits of my first show (Love and Hip Hop ATL Season 1) where I was apart of the makeup department. It inspired me because it showed me what real hardwork can do with a lot of persistence and skill. That made me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to because that was once a mere thought/dream, and it was accomplished. One of the most challenging experiences, was having to understand that my journey is MY JOURNEY and no matter how hard I work, understanding that what’s for me is mine, not anyone else’s. I would constantly compare my success with the success of others and wonder why I am not in their position, but I have come to realize that we all have our own lanes and to work with what you got to the fullest. It also sucks that I am impatient as all hell, but I’ve learned to adapt.

CHF:  Makeup Artistry is currently a heavily saturated field. With YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. providing a free platform for just about everyone to be an ‘expert’. what do you believe sets you and your brand a part from the rest?

AB:  What sets my brand apart from the rest especially with everything and everyone being on social media, is that you see my paint, my brand, and you see me personally. When you come to my pages of social media, it’s more than just makeup. You see my personality, you want to know what’s going on with me, you want to know what products I used and you ask because you know how interactive I am. Most stars of social media are too “busy” to respond to their followers or are too caught up painting a picture of being perfect, that we don’t see who they really are. Makeup is a part of my life, but it doesn’t consume my life. I enjoy what I do, and it shows, but you also see who Alex is which makes you more intrigued to meet me, to get your makeup done by me, to attend my class, etc.

CHF:  You are currently on your “2016 A Beautiful Face Makeup Class Tour”. Please share what inspired you to begin teaching your techniques and greatest lesson you’ve learned about yourself throughout this experience.

AB:  So I have been teaching my “A Beautiful Face” makeup classes going on 5 years now and each year it gets better and better. What inspired me to start my makeup class tour back in 2012, was because I can recall when I wanted to be a MUA, there were no classes being offered or there were no established MUAs who wanted to share their knowledge with a newbie. It wasn’t as popular of a career choice as it is now, so most folks didn’t talk about or share experiences openly. That was hard for me because I reached out to many MUAs and was shut down. So I told myself that once I got a large enough platform, I would give back and share all the knowledge I had to anyone who wanted to know, which is another reason why I am so interactive on social media. I also started noticing a trend of “bad makeup,” so instead of complaining about what I saw, I decided to teach others the proper ways of applying makeup. With my background being in Engineering, I am always intrigued in the “why” of things so I researched heavily and created a curriculum that would be received well by others and would be easy to master since I explain the “why” in everything I do. I’ve learned that I am a damn good teacher and that I have a greater sense of patience that comes over me when I am teaching makeup. Patience that I don’t normally have, lol. I also learned that I am very engaging and can keep the crowd intrigued with my personality and knowledge, so it’s refreshing to be able to do this for so many years and be successful at it.

A Beautiful Face Tour Dates | Image via Facebook @ Alexandra Butler Makeup Artistry
A Beautiful Face Tour Dates | Image via Facebook @ Alexandra Butler Makeup Artistry

CHF:  Lastly, what advice would you give to an aspiring makeup artist or creative entrepreneur who may be overwhelmed or fearful of his or her success in this industry?

AB:  First off, I don’t think being fearful is a bad thing. It will keep you on your toes and make you careful of the decisions you make because being careless can end a career before it even begins. Go into things cautiously, but at the same time understand that if it’s something you are passionate about, you can do no wrong. Many things along my path happened that someone could look at as negative or detrimental, but because I am so confident and passionate, I turned those situations into positives and learned from them. It’s all a learning experience, no one knows the answers to everything. We are all just winging it, lol. You may have the best game plan or strategy, and with one turn, that can all go to hell. Which leads me to another piece of advice, save as much money as you possibly can. Starting up a business requires a lot of investments and sacrifice, so having financial resources helps with that struggle tremendously. Also keep positive, successful, and uplifting people around you. Almost everyone will look at your dream and not understand it, they are not supposed to because it’s not their dream. Keeping those around you who have walked in your shoes and who are positive thinking will encourage you to keep on your path and to get up if you fall. Very important…

 Alexandra is a native of St. Louis and currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and adorable pup. Aside from being a midwest girl myself, I learned that Alexandra and I have similarities in our pursuit of leading a life that we can be proud of and love. Initially following a traditional path of higher education and having a career in industrial engineering, along the way she found that her truest fulfillment came from making women look and feel amazing through her art. Her dedication is such an inspiration to me as I continue in building the brand of Cold Hard Fash and beyond.

I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and Facebook! She is AMAZING (and hilarious)!

To learn more on how you can attend one of the upcoming classes of “A Beautiful Face Tour” — please click here!

I’d like to personally thank Alexandra for her time and sharing her insight with our readers!

Until next time…

Love & Style,

Crystal Lariece

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