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When I first met Terrace, I immediately recognized the queen in her. Through introductions, I learned that she too was raised in Michigan (we just get it), a graduate of Michigan State University (like many of my family members), and our love for the fashion and beauty industries is rooted in who we are and our purpose. Although our initial meeting was far too brief, she agreed to reconnect and share her story with us.

It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to our last COLLECTIV Honoree of the year, Ms. Terrace Sherman, founder and owner of Couture, Inc.

How would you describe your personal style and how has it influenced the development of Couture Cosmetics?

My personal style is a cross between the girl next door and an elegant fashion sense. I love being cute and casual; and I have a thing for my classic converse. Yet, I am also a lover of glitz, refinement, and glam. I don’t really follow trends and even when I am creating my glam looks, I prefer simplicity. You can catch me pairing solid gowns and dresses with bold statement pieces. I would say I am a perfect combination of sophistication and sexy.

My style has greatly influenced the development of Couture Cosmetics because bold lipstick colors have always been my statement pieces. I love wearing all black so it is common to catch me in a bold red, blue, or green lippie. Those bold colors were not realistic to wear in an office setting or when conducting business, so I created shades that I could wear to the office and still stand out.

I love fashion and I love using my personal style to express my originality, which inspired the name Couture.

What has been your greatest challenge in marketing an independent cosmetics line?

The greatest challenge in marketing an independent cosmetics line is staying on top of industry trends and creating strategies to build brand notoriety. Another challenge is not having the man power that the larger brands have, so I am challenged with being more creative than my competition.

When did you realize your creative purpose?

I realized my creative purpose as a child. I used to love to draw and design dresses starting in about third grade. I would make clothes for my dolls, host fashion shows, and create vision boards about being an entrepreneur.

I also loved reading and writing a lot. I would fill up journal after journal and lose myself in my favorite books. It wasn’t until I was in my junior year of college that I realized everything I’ve loved my entire life were the tools I needed to be successful in entrepreneurship.

I attended a success conference in 2012, returned home and launched my first business; which was an event planning company.

Millennial Creatives are often faced with ridicule when it comes to pursuing a non-traditional career path, what would be your best advice to those who are ready to take the leap, but is fearful of failing?

Follow your heart and depend on your brain for support. If you have a vision, you will be able to see things that no one around you can see. I wanted to go to college for fashion design, but everyone felt I was “too smart” to go that route and that I should’ve been a teacher or a lawyer – so I went back and forth my first 2 years of college. My first love has always been beauty and fashion, and what the people around me could not see was that I had prepared for a career in fashion and planned to be a fashion entrepreneur since the third grade.

Follow your passions, but have a realistic view of what it will take and a plan to achieve them. Your life is yours to live and you only get one, so make sure the choices you make are yours.

Image | Genae Banks Photography

Terrace Sherman is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and an event planner. She received her Bachelor of Arts from The Michigan State University. Her studies have extended to Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium where she was trained in organizational and international communication and public affairs methods.

Like most little girls, when Terrace was younger, she loved to play make believe, dress up, and dream about what she wanted to be when she “grew up” …with the focus always being on success and owning her very own business. Raised in a single parent household, right about the poverty line and Terrace had no idea how she was going to make these dreams come true. Over the years, she had written out business plan after business plan, feeling the need to have every single detail in place before launching. The one day she realized… there would never be a perfect time to go after her dreams.

Terrace has a deep-rooted passion for events, all things beauty and fashion, business and helping other women to live purposeful, productive, and successful lifestyles.

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Additional information can be found on: 

IG: @shop_coutureinc

FB: ShopCoutureInc.

On September 18, 2017, Terrace published Own the Throne and The Princess Journal for Teen Girls. Part of the Royal Success Tools, these resources are key to setting the right steps to a promising future of success. Be sure to visit and shop to grab your copy!



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