Bonike Odegbami and Sade Adegboyo are modern day superwomen. I’m not sure how they do it, but these ladies are taking style to new heights while managing careers, children, and husbands. These Nigerian beauties sat down with Cold Hard Fash to give us the background on their style brand, UNICAS.

UNICAS is a ‘French style’ influenced fashion company that is derived from the creation of unique pieces of soutache accessories. Each piece is uniquely designed and hand created with complete attention to details. Get the full story on their unique jewelry collection, cultivated with a great cultural vibe and incredible craftsmanship.

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Cold Hard Fash: What is your style and how it is reflected in your work.

Bonike: Sade and I have so much in common that it is no mistake that we are friends and business partners. Our jewelry design highlights our style archetypes to achieve a unique look. We are unique, confident and eclectic.

CHF: Where did you get the name UNICAS?

Bonike: UNICAS is Portuguese for “unique”. My maternal grandmother is Brazilian and had a strong influence on me growing up. This was a subtle way to acknowledge her in our products.  Sade was gracious enough to allow the business name to be my idea. She agreed that we are indeed unique.  Sure, we could have gone with the French word for unique since we are greatly influenced by the French fashion as well.

CHF: Your pieces are so beautiful and different, where do you come up with the designs? Do you custom make each one?

Sade – Most of our pieces are custom. We believe that jewelry is an extension of your personality so our designs are inspired by our individual customers. When creating jewelry pieces our goal is to capture the essence of the bead while reflecting the personality of the customer.

We do carry staple pieces that are always readily available online. Also, we are currently in discussion with fashion designer to possibly incorporate the jewelry into their clothing designs, and this Fall we are launching designs for men’s cuff links. We are definitely not looking to place limits on ourselves.



CHF: How long have you been in the jewelry business?

UNICAS: We have been doing custom design pieces for a couple of years, but as request began to grow we’ve decided it’s time to really make a go as businesswomen. Officially, we have been in business since April 2013.

CHF: Are there any plans for expansion?

UNICAS: Absolutely! While we are still testing the market, we are actively researching the possibilities for making our jewelry available in storefront locations in California, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, and New York.

We try to remain conservative with our ambition. We both have full time careers and families. That is our TOP priority.

CHF: What advice would you offer future designers or business owners?

Sade – You must have a passion and drive for your craft. When obstacles arise, remember your love for your craft. Have a plan.

Bonike – The hardest part is starting –JUST DO IT! Don’t expect an immediate response…Just take the step. Do whatever it takes, but it’s important to note that money cannot be the driving force behind it.

CHF: So, before I let you go, you should know that I am extremely inquisitive*. You both have such beautiful accents. Where are you from?

*Inquisitive – [CHF Definition] noseyBonike & Sade

UNICAS: 🙂 We are Nigerian – First Generation American. We’ve livedd all over the world, but we spent a good portion of our adolescence in Nigeria.

CHF: OMG, on top of being style gurus on the rise, you are world travelers and geniuses? I’m jealous! Ok, last question. It’s so easy to give up when you are initially starting a business. With everything you have going on in life, how do you remain focused?

UNICAS: We both have daughters that are inspired by our drive. They want to learn to make our jewelry. They always want to help. We really find a lot of inspiration in them.

Bonike:  My philosophy in life: when it is time, it will happen.  Man can write His plan but only God can direct the time.

CHF: Well, I will let you two get back to running the world. Thank you so much for your time and allowing us to get to know a little bit about you.

We are always preaching personal style on Cold Hard Fash.

UNICAS is unquestionably STYLE DEFINED.

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