The Rain of Men’s Style

“Rain, Rain, go away come again another day…”

As a young lad that was the song that I, along with millions of other tikes, would sing when torrents would rear their ugly heads. In my young mind, the prevailing thoughts about rain were it was uncomfortable, depressing and flat out ugly.

After all, I was a young man and did not take in to account the need for rain. I had no knowledge of the effect that weather patterns have on trade, commerce, and agriculture. I, as a young gent was ignorant of the peace and calming effect that the sound of rain can have on an individual. The metaphor of rain being a time of cleansing and refreshing just did not exist. That scene from every romantic movie of making out in the rain after an evening of sensual dancing; or cuddling up with your significant other while watching a movie and sipping a glass of chardonnay never came to mind when it rained.

However, as a seasoned, educated gentleman, I now grasp and recognize the value of rain…whether it be a drizzle, a shower, or a downpour. The proverbial clouds have been lifted and the importance of rain is now crystal clear. Along with this clarity is a new realization of the importance of rain and the effect that it has on style!

I’ve learned to embrace my rainy days stylistically over the years. Rain no longer has a dampening effect on my wardrobe choices for the day. It, in fact, challenges me to step my game up. Let me explain why.


Trav White (1)

When it rains an umbrella is an obvious necessity. Now if you’re going to tote it, why not let it be an important and intricate detail to your fit of the day? Make sure that the umbrella compliments the look that you are donning.


It may seem a bit much, but a strong umbrella selection is a necessary accessory for the fashionable male. Walking into a meeting with a black and white golf umbrella with “Titleist” on it doesn’t necessarily scream refinement. I mean, it will leave an impression…I’m just not sure if it’s the kind that you would want in that scenario.


It is a necessity that the brella be paired with the right bag. Your fit, as well as your gentlemanly garnishing (ipad, cologne, portfolio, etc.), must be protected in style. Make sure that your brella matches your bag.

Note, you can never go wrong with a bumbershoot that has a hood handle. It can be bamboo, poly, or leather…it matters not.



A rain coat is the other obvious choice for protection from the elements. I mean duh, right. Again, the trick is with pairing. For more “gentlemanly” or “dapper” looks, a traditional double or single breasted rain coat will do the trick. Don’t get too caught up with trying multiple colors. Although it’s ideal, it may not be practical. Stick with a basic tan or blue as they are neutral and will couple well with all your outfits.


For the more casual looks, you can change it up to a less traditional looking rain coat. They are usually shorter and zip or have a panel that covers the buttons. Put this option with some jeans, an oxford shirt, and your favorite brogues and you’re ready to cruise the streets.



Panchos and Parkas are a fun way to accessorize for the rain as well. These are usually reserved for the more street and urban looks. They are loose and “flowy” with a hood. I would not suggest wearing a pancho with a conservative or dapper look. It just doesn’t fit.

Now a major consideration when choosing the right rain coat is the climate. I live in Houston and the Springs here are HOT! You will not catch me in a lined rain coat because I don’t want to melt away. So take into account the climate in which you live and/or to which you are traveling. Nothing is worse than covering from the rain, only to be wet under your clothes when you disrobe.

Remember, style leaves an impression, but fashion leaves a legacy!

Stay fly my friends,



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