THE STANDOUT KID | Excelling in the Average World of Social Media

“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”

—Anthony Volodkin, founder of HypeMachine

Lasting creative brands leave delicious aftertastes. They linger in the minds and hearts of their audience. Being average is not an option.

So, how do you create a brand that consistently stands out? When we say “stand out” we’re not talking trending or the number of followers you may have.  Don’t get us wrong trends are important, but we’re here to encourage you to create trends and not join them. That is how you become a Standout Kid of your industry. Below we share some lessons the crazy world of social media has taught us over the years.

1.  Don’t be discouraged by your following (or lack there of)

If you’ve visited our Instagram lately you will notice that we have yet to break the 1K mark. There was a moment in time when this was a true concern of ours. In fact, we obsessed about it. As a result, our brand’s purpose became lost in translation. Remember: Slow and steady always wins the race. Giving your followers exclusivity is an advantage.

2.  Select the visual representation of your brand with care

Creating consistent social media content is overwhelming. There is nothing shameful of using stock images as feed fillers. Ensure that the chosen content compliments the overall aesthetics of your feed’s timeline. Keep the layout clean and to the point.

Two of our go-to stock image databases are Pexels and Unsplash. The photographers who share their gifts through these websites are a godsend.  Be a dear and give credit where credit is due, each image has the photographer’s social information for you to share.

Image | via Pexels

3.  Know your audience

Do you use your social media app’s analytic tool? If not, IT IS A MUST! The more you know about who’s attention you have, when they are engaged, and what they’re most attracted to makes your work much easier. We’ve recently found that although our target audience includes men and women — our actual Instagram audience is primarily women. Now, we’re adjusting our content to be more attractive to men and explore other social media platforms where men are more likely to engage with us.

4.  Use a Social Media Content Calendar

Ok…this may be the most resourceful piece of information that we can give you. Hell, it took until November 2017 for us to get with the program. When creating a social media calendar be sure that it reflects exactly what you need. Consider these things when posting to two or more platforms: know the peak posting times for each platform, observe what type of content will work for each platform, and always, always create your caption or tweet ahead of time.

You’ll thank us later!

The key to enjoying social media is to create a plan that will make it work for you instead of leaving you feeling that you are working for it. None of us claim to be social media experts, but we have experienced the rewards of these tips firsthand.

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Feature image | via Pexels


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